The entire world and its people are on a thrifty ride of survival, meetings after meetings, building their own dreams, reaching the set goals, a usual human being has thousands of tasks, in fact, to-do tasks from sunrise to sunset. For some twenty-four hours is not sufficient, whilst many lose out by procrastinating their own goals with inappropriate mental health. Hence as a measure to keep one person on track having a reliable source or an individual to remind, recall, reiterate, push, motivate and persuade towards their goal is primarily important. For such service providers, we address as an accountability partner. The terminology which is neologism came into focal lights since recent times with busier lives people spend every day.

For CEOโ€™s and senior management roles leading individuals, the secretaries remind on their daily schedules and direct them accordingly. However for the amateurs who are yet building their own dreams and cannot afford having a secretary, valuable service providers such as Even for individuals with secretaries with whom they cannot share their personal life goals, action buddy plays a vital role. It provides you with an on-track schedule for all your work to be done once you feed all your tasks, goals, nitty-gritty it constantly keeps reminding you until the particular task is complete. Moreover, it persuades you to an extent to lose cash if you failed to be on track (a.k.a procrastinate) and put you parallel in competition with another action buddy for further motivation. 

An Accountability Partner is a person who supports you to achieve your life goals by holding you to your commitments. Naturally, your family, friends and other closed ones may seem the ideal accountable partner you could have in life. Moreover getting personal with a known person is way more reliable than throwing your goals to an unknown source.

However, even in family and friend circles, there are boundaries and most importantly they are also human beings who are required to spend their lives and build their own dreams. They will definitely and genuinely support you in all means possible, however, they cannot commit completely only on your life. Even your husband/wife despite the marital union, life commitments and priorities changes. In such aspects having an accountability partner who is dedicated to motivate you alone towards the dreams and goals set aside in your life is a blessing in simplest terms. As they will nourish you with exact goals in life and required resources to achieve them. For instance, if losing weight is your goal, the accountability partner will persuade you around fitness-related goals and tips. They possess a wider knowledge and consist of a greater know-how in all aspects. Henceforth depending on their schedule is more reliable than beating your own brain and wasting time to collect resources for each goal on your own. 

Selecting the most suitable accountability partner is rigorously important. It is always advisable to research a bit more on the guide to get an accountability partner. As itโ€™s a relationship that reaches beyond business. Firstly before selecting an accountability partner to ensure the person is an attentive listener. S/he needs to be willing to sit for hours and hours and listen as you open up your life and its goals. Thereafter ensure the connection is a probable mutual and both synchronize well with each other. You need to feel your partner is there for you always, sometimes more than a friend. There forth draw up a plan for your meetings, email schedules, talk time and etc to ensure both are on constant communication. As a client sharing your genuine feelings, expectations and real-life incidents related to your goal is essential for your accountable partner to take you through this journey. Studies prove many tend to work actively towards a goal when they are being thoroughly pushed on timelines and follow ups. 

Accountability partners are of various types, mainly in one arena is a motivator type partner that has already reached a particular goal in life and there on they continue motivating the rest based on their journey, sharing knowledge and hardship stories. Readers who are into reading biographies or follow their role models indirectly establish this relationship by imitation of the journeys. Another type of an accountability partner is a person who is of parallel stage in the set goal, as universally accepted when two minds work together the rate of success is higher. Such partners expand your abilities with knowledge and skills sharing. As you analyse your progress with the other, each person who is a task ahead motivates the other. Another important kind of accountability is who wants the best to happen in your life. They are more like family and close companionship, especially suitable for people mentally suffering from isolation and direly requires another person to share their life. When you select such partners make sure they are genuine, supportive and trustworthy.

Depending on the type of accountability partner you choose you need to ensure they are reliable enough to be open with, share your desires, feelings, commitments, and at times secrets if required. Human psychology insists the dopamine remained active for a healthier lifestyle. Therefore dopamine activation is vibrant when you are with a person who genuinely supports you. In such terms an accountability partner is a great source of energy for people especially that have long forgotten to maintain human connection with each other. Sharing your thoughts, ideas, emotions, fears, hesitations and more with another gives one person a greater relief and a sense of companionship. As our minds are solemnly working around processes, earnings, money-talks, economies and all non-human psychological topics the humanness in our lives have deprived and lost the emotional balance in our lives. Hence at such instances connecting with an understanding individual is vital for any human being.

Many have lots of goals, aspirations and determinations in life however they fail to continue that spirit on a long term basis mainly due to lack of motivation. Thus it is widely useful to have a partner who holds accountability to your life that knows overall what you go through, who could support you when you fail and celebrate with you as you succeed. Especially keep you aligned on your set goals in life so that you would feel successful someday. As we deal with human emotions, the tendency over heartbreaks and misunderstandings exist, but an accountability partner such as Action buddy ensures your requirement is understood and well-directed to the most appropriate and guaranteed service provider. Be it for a miniature goal such as getting through an exam, losing weight, planning your wedding or a gigantic responsibility filled goal such building a house, starting a new business venture Action buddy is the useful resource!

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