One of the most important aspects of a successful social media campaign is the number of likes your posts get. Social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter utilize algorithms to rank posts with more likes and place them in a higher position on an audienceโ€™s news feed.

Increasing your average number of likes per post will help your future posts to reach a wider audience as well as regularly be displayed in the feeds of people who previously engaged with your posts.

Creating and implementing a plan to get more likes on your social media posts also provides other advantages to a business including:

  • An improved social media presence as more people notice your brand, products, and services.
  • Cost-savings; spending on paid advertising and buying likes is much cheaper than traditional advertising methods such as print or TV commercials. Typically, for paid social media marketing solutions the unit price per like decreases as the volume goes up.
  • Higher audience engagement rates; can be measured using analytics based on metrics such as the number of comments, followers, likes, shares, reactions, and views.
  • Growth can be achieved faster using a combination of social media marketing tools and paid solutions.
  • Greater credibility; brands with a large audience that frequently engages can show they are an established and trustworthy business when potential buyers are interested.

If you are looking to increase the number of likes on your social media posts, then you may find the following tips useful.

Invest In Paid Likes

Of course, organic audience growth is highly valuable, however, it can take a long time for brands to build a large following. Therefore, many growing brands opt to supplement their organic growth by buying social media likes from reputable sites such as which can give a boost to marketing efforts and lead to faster growth. Although there are some concerns around paid likes being inorganic, brands find them useful to build a following quickly.

Ensure Content Is Engaging

The number of likes a post receives on social media heavily depends on how interesting and engaging the content is. Some of the best ways to increase audience engagement include:

  • Addressing customers directly and answering their questions honestly and with a focus on helping them.
  • Using content to inspire emotion such as making use of entertaining, humorous, intellectual, and/or inspirational content.
  • Storytelling to add a personal touch to a brand and provide social proof.
  • Open-ended content encouraging an audience to interact.
  • Content posted in real-time.
  • Informative content focused on giving advice and support.
  • Attractive visual content.

Make Use Of Calls To Action

Most social media posts include a caption or accompanying piece of text describing what the post is about. In addition to this, many posts also include a call to action, which works as a prompt to encourage members of an audience to carry out a specific action such as leaving a comment, liking, sharing, or buying a product or service.

Calls to action on social media should include strong action words to compel an audience to act. Verbs that are clear, instructive, and powerful work best for calls to action, and a good example for increasing likes would be โ€˜If you like what we do, please give us a like and shareโ€™.

Add Hashtags To Posts

Another way to grow audience engagement including the number of likes on your posts is to add hashtags to show that your content is related to a specific topic or belongs in a certain category. By using hashtags, content is easier to find on searches inside social media platforms.

Using hashtags on your posts show that you are engaging in a conversation occurring on social media platforms, this makes your content more visible and easier to find which often results in greater engagement via comments, likes, and shares.

Post At The Right Time

Choosing the right times of day to post content is vital when trying to increase the number of likes your posts receive. To find out the best time to post, it is worth using analytics to look at the habits of your existing audience to find out when they are most likely to be active online.

Alternatively, some marketers have suggested focusing on also posting content during off-peak hours to gain new likes and followers as competition from other content is likely to be lower than usual.

Frequently receiving lots of likes on your social media posts is essential for building brand awareness and increasing customer engagement, however, it can take time to achieve. Fortunately, there are various useful tips out there if you want to grow your audience and get more likes on your posts.

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