Proper English grammar is necessary for your writing and speaking. Unfortunately, not all students are taught grammar in college. Yet, if you want to communicate better and write good academic papers in English, mastering grammar is a must. Learning the rules is not so boring and complicated as you may think.

Below, you’ll find the basic steps you can take right now to boost your grammar knowledge and fluency. But if your professor does not tolerate bad grammar whatsoever, getting an online paper edit help can be the best solution. and are two popular custom writing help websites that offer the help of a professional editor to students who need an error-free essay that will satisfy their professor’s demands.

7 steps to understanding English grammar

1. Improve your vocabulary

Good grammar alone won’t help you communicate and write better. Grammar skills go hand in hand with good vocabulary, and they both improve your fluency. In addition to learning the rules, be sure to expand your vocabulary. Read more non-fiction books, subscribe for ‘word of the day’ newsletters and use other ways to learn new words and make use of them.

2. Learn parts of speech

To use the words in a sentence correctly and improve your essay writing and editing skills, you need to learn parts of speech and their usage. Examples of parts of speech are nouns, pronouns, verbs, etc. Each of them has its rules for usage in a sentence, so learn what distinguishes each part and how it should be used to build sentences in the right way.

3. Master the forms of the verbs

To be an expert in written English, you have to use verb forms correctly. There are two types of English verbs. There are regular verbs that form the past tense with the addition of “d” or “ed”: “to work – worked”. Unlike them, irregular verbs don’t follow this rule – the past form for “build” is “built”. And, since there are no set rules for this type of verbs, you need to memorize their past tenses.

4. Practice the sentence structure

A rich vocabulary is of little importance if you don’t know the principles of sentence structure. In English grammar, the common order of words in a sentence is Subject-Verb-Object. Here’s an example: “He bought a pair of boat shoes”. Changing the order of words will make the sentence grammatically incorrect and sometimes meaningless. To fix mistakes like this, students often seek the help of native professional editors.

5. Use a grammar app

To master grammar rules, it’s important that you practice regularly, and apps make this process more convenient. Basic English Grammar app offers a set of lessons and tests to learn grammar rules specifically. Merriam-Webster dictionary shows the definitions of words and examples of their use in a sentence. And Grammarly tool fixes the grammar and punctuation in a written text, allowing you to edit and proofread it online.

6. Find an academic helper

If you are looking to improve your grammar and writing skills, the help of professional paper editors’ services is indispensable. These experts will fix any issues in your written document, taking its quality to the next level. But, more importantly, essay editors point out your mistakes in essays or assignment, helping you learn from those mistakes and improve your fluency. A service of an editor for students is usually quite affordable.

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