As humans, we tend to make little mistakes and that’s perfectly fine. But playing around with Grammar could be risky. Language is something that defines your personality and intellectual measures by how you use it.

Let’s say you are applying for a job, mailing a CEO, working on your college thesis or even preparing for an important speech! No matter how well you do, you might want to check if the right things are in the right place for the best! That’s where Grammarly steps in!

What is Grammarly?

What really is Grammarly? Well, making it simple, it’s an online Grammar corrector. Almost like your own personal English teacher correcting your mistakes indiscreet without embarrassing you in front of your class!

As a writer, Grammarly plays a huge role in my writing. When you start writing an interesting copy, you tend to zone out losing track on punctuations, exaggerations, vocabulary and such. Grammarly makes sure to bring me back on track by helping me resolve confused preposition errors, repetitions and all the rest.

Grammaly Dashboard

But that’s not it! You can even correct copies of others using this app.

How does Grammarly Work?

Grammarly is easy to use. It’s convenient and user-friendly. The regular version is absolutely free, so you can install it right away and try it out.

Grammarly for Google Chrome

The browser extension of Grammarly on Chrome remains as a little Green icon on the top right corner of the search tab. If you want to clarify a piece of work, you can visit the extension app, paste the content on a document and check for errors.

Grammaly with Google Chrome

Errors made in online platforms are detected, the little icon highlights it and produces the correction along with the error. How cool is it?

Grammarly for MS Windows & Office

To install Grammarly for Windows & Office, you have to install it through the app online. Once you activate it, it automatically sets up on the files intended. All you have to do is keep writing your heart out while letting Grammarly take care of the rest.

Grammaly with MS Word

What’s Special about this app?

This app may sound like any other Grammar correction app, but Grammarly today is the leading English Language Correction app in the world. Used by millions of people for different tasks, the app is convenient, simple and easy to use! What makes it even more dependable is the Accuracy of it. Built by passionate Linguists and language lovers, Grammarly is currently used in many reputed universities worldwide as a licensed Grammar Correcting tool.

The features of Grammarly are exceptional. Apart from its convenient and effective nature, it is also used as an Intelligent Proofreading Software and a Plagiarism Checker.

What is a Plagiarism Checker?

A Plagiarism Checker is a tool which studies a copy of the content and identifies whether it comprises any duplicates of the contents on the web. So generally, it detects whatever the content that is not your own. It’s so much better if Grammarly finds it before your lecturer does!

The Plagiarism Checker is a saviour in disguise. Imagine how your thesis would end up without one? Or vice versa! However, the Plagiarism Checker is only available in the Premium Version.

Grammaly Plagiarism

How good is the Premium Version?

The Premium version is the best it could get. It corrects complex Grammar errors, suggests vocabulary enhancement options, checks critical punctuation mistakes and even corrects errors in writing styles. What’s most preferred in the Premium version is the Plagiarism detector which identifies duplicates from more than 16 billion web pages! How complex would that be?!

However ‘Great things in life comes with a price!’ So yeah in order to upgrade to the premium version, you must register on a pricing plan. But isn’t it worth it? That essay you’ve been struggling to complete for so long, you can finally put it past you! The job application is ultimately ready to be sent! And lastly, that long status you wanted to post on Facebook is just perfect to go!

No matter what your career path or field of study is, Grammarly is simply a necessity. It not only corrects your language errors but also helps to improve your Grammar and English overall. So go ahead! Go beyond the limits and conquer your goals smoothly now with Grammarly!

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