Computers, since the very first ones, have always had external devices linked to them for serving multiple purposes. And hence, the world of computers is incomplete without the mentioning of its essential support devices. And according to one report, the tech sector in UK is the most attractive in the entire Europe! From digital printers to woofer systems and USB hubs, tech accessories for computers have their own role to play in making your day-to-day digital life easier and more fun. Here, we list down some inexpensive and very useful computer accessories:

1. External Hard Disks or Flash Drives

Depending on your storage requirement, you can either opt for an external hard drive storage space crossing the TB (terabyte) range, or you can just go for a smaller option with a flash drive. Eventhough cloud storage is becoming more and more popular by the day, the question still remains the same ‘What would you do when you do not have an internet connection?’ And it’s worth noting that cloud seeding requires an exceedingly fast internet connection to be feasible enough. That’s where these invaluable external drives come into play. Good deals can be tough to come by, but with you can treat yourself with some amazing discounts on latest flash drives.

2. Wireless Mouse

There’s not much to explain about this simple and easy to setup device. The wireless mouse has been designed to contain the extra number of wires connected to your computer. Imagine your CPU placed in a not-so-easy to access section under your work desk! It does get very difficult to plug-in your conventional mouse in such situations.

3. Mousepad

A rather underrated addition to the computer accessory list could be your mousepad. The life cycle of a mouse is not only dependent on the amount of time it falls off your desk; it also depends on the surfaces over which it’s placed. A smooth mousepad will help your mouse run much longer than a mouse which is used on open surfaces with dusts and abrasions.

4. Wireless keyboard

It would be unfair to have a wired keyboard if its inseparable partner, the mouse, is wireless. A wireless keyboard will make your typing easier and more convenient. Especially if you’re one of those people who love writing articles, blog or diaries on their personal computers. Again, it helps in reducing that jungle of wires.

5. Webcam

If you happen to live far away from your loved ones and friends, and video calls are your only ray of hope, then it’s time you invested in a webcam. Although most smart phones these days have a video calling option with both the front and back cam mode, the experience that is provided by a webcam is a more wider and sustainable one.

6. HDMI Cables

If you’re planning to watch a movie stored in your laptop on a larger screen, for example your HDTV, then an HDMI cable is an essential accessory. This simple to connect cable will act as an interface between your laptop and the display of your TV. In the last decade, almost all the TVs and laptops were released with an inbuilt HDMI port with pre-installed drives.

7. External Speakers

Are you a party animal? Or just a music enthusiast? In either case, your personal computer is incomplete if you do not own a high quality speaker system. There are innumerable brands and types of loud speakers and other audio systems available in the market today. And due to the common market presence, the prices of audio systems have dwindled in the past several years. And just in case you’ve missed the movie tickets to your latest horror flick, you can create a fearful environment at home, thanks to these external loud speakers!

8. Laptop bag

Most people make mistakes while handling their laptops and the most common one among them is to carry their laptops without a laptop bag. No matter how safe your hands might be, but a single fall from even the shortest of heights is enough to incur severe damage to your laptop. Always carry your laptops inside a well cushioned laptop bag. The multiple compartments in your laptop bag can be used to several accessories that have been listed above.

9. Gaming steering wheel

If you’re a fan of racing games, then your list of computer accessories will be incomplete without this amazing component. Also known as racing wheels, the steering wheel can be connected to your PCs or laptops via cable adapters. No keyboard or gaming console can give the true feeling of racing on your favourite tracks better than a gaming steering wheel.

10. Multi-hub USB connector

If you think you’ve made a mistake by investing in a laptop which has only a few USB ports or an old laptop which completely lacks the SSD card reader. Then the multi-hub USB connector is here to eliminate all your storage and connectivity problems. The SSD card reader slot is a new addition to this fantastic innovation. Some hubs give you the option of connecting around 6 USB devices at a time!

We hope the above list provides you with a clearer picture on the latest technological development in the field of computers and helps you in making an economical choice.

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