The turn of the decade of 2020 brings hundreds of new gadgets to try and make life more convenient. From cell phones to driverless cars the gadgets that are available are incredible. These gadgets don’t have to be large to change your life. Some of these handy gadgets are the size of your hand. Check out these five simple gadgets that fit in your pocket.

Key Finder

Did you know that Americans spend an average of 1 minute and 40 seconds every single day looking for their keys. You get home from work and throw your keys on the counter or set them on the couch but the next morning you have forgotton where you put them. Don’t experience this any longer and get a key finder. A key finder is a small tag that you put on your key ring. Then you can utilize an app on your phone to locate your keys. It can be used for basically anything. People even put the key tag under a layer in their childs shoes when they are going to a large area. This way if something happens to them they are able to track where they are. This small gadget could be life saving.

Mini Camera Recorder

2020 is going to bring a large trail of brand new small cameras. Basically every company from Apple to Samsung are going to be releasing new miniature cameras. These new cameras are going to offer many different amenities from nicer cameras to easier and better ways to communicate with others. These new cameras will also offer new things to make life a lot simpler. Such as motion sensor on time, wifi enabling and night vision. One of the largest innovations as seen on is going to be the continuous improvement in sizing. These cameras are getting smaller and smaller and soon will be almost unnoticeable.

Miniature Projector

Do you work a job where you have to give lots of presentations? There is a new gadget that allows you to set up a projector from your phone super quickly. And the entire gadget is about the size of your hand. So simply connect your phone, set up the projector and you are ready to go. This makes for a much faster way to make and present presentations. Much simpler than the stero-typical large projector that only hooks to a laptop.

Solar Powered Charger

If you are into hunting or camping then this solar powered charger the size of a potato you absolutely need. It has a key ring on it that connects to the top of your backpack handle. Then it absorbs sun all day and then can charge all of your electronics all night. It is perfect for camping or hunting and then being able to still charge your cell phone. This simple charger could save your life by keeping your phone charged and available for use if you get in an emergency.

Laser Keyboard

Are you ever sitting at the airport replying to emails on your phone and wishing you had a full keyboard. It is much simpler to reply to large emails with a full keyboard. This handy gadget meets that need. It is a small piece of electronics that you plug into your phone and it displays a full laser keyboard onto the table in front of you. You can simply type on the table to make typing out large emails so much easier. This laser keyboard runs off the battery of your phone so it can go basically anywhere without having to worry about charging it.


Obviously these simple gadgets are the size of your hand but can make your life massively easier. From the laser keyboard to the simple key finder don’t spend another minute being uncomfortable in life. Try one of these five gadgets.

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