Instagram is a visual platform where Instagrammers focus more on how to create visually appealing content and increase sales. No matter what you post on your feed your ultimate business goal is to increase your sales figures. If the business is new to the market the main objective of the social media presence for a brand is to create awareness and create the Top of the mind awareness.

1. Create a mind-blowing account

Your Instagram handles name and the complete business profile is the primary requirement as the social media platforms are full of fake accounts. To create authenticity, you need to have a complete business profile and catchy intro to your business profile. Include your business location id there is any and always link back your profile your website and other social media accounts. Add your business contact information as consumers can keep in touch with your business if they are interested in your brand or to do a purchase. The Instagram profile image frame is circular in shape and when it comes to mobile view the business logo will appear in a tiny circle. Therefore, if you can use only the business icon instead of the logo with the business name it will give a great look to your profile.

2. Decide your scope of content

As we should visually represent the brand values and products it is important to showcase your brand values, products and uniqueness through your image. Based on your industry and business decide what are the content pillars you should adopt in to. But do not forget to create content around your product or service as our final goal is to increase your sales. Most of the Instagram success stories include the originality of the content and the creativity of the content which will attract the customers to consume more visually appealing content. This is all about finding the right path of content and unique sparkling situations where you can engage with the right audience.

3. Frequency of content posting

It is important to keep updating your Instagram profile. When consumers hit the “FOLLOW” icon they expect to consume more content and they are very keen about your content and the products at the same time. Therefore, if you can maintain a certain frequency of posting content organic reach for your business profile could be maintained.

4. Using hashtags

Instagram hashtags act as a mini search engine. When you put a hashtag on your content the people who show the interest in those type of content will receive the content on their feed. Therefore, always use the correct hashtags which explain your visual. But do not forget to use brand hashtags as well.

5. Use Instagram stories

Instagram Story of Nerdynaut at Eiffel Tower, Paris

Instagram stories help to engage more with the consumers as it allows to ask questions, use polls and do some creative stuff like boomerangs. Use Instagram stories to tell about the back story of your business in a creative way. Instagram stories allow you to be more creative plus engage with consumers on a daily basis.

6. Use IGTV to push your video content

IGTV allows you to publish videos more than 1min. Now you can share IGTV video previews on your feed which will give more views to your videos. Use IGTV as your mini vlog to showcase your products and business.

7. Use paid advertising

Paid advertising helps to reach a more relevant audience and your potential customers on Instagram. Using paid advertising increase the reach and frequency of your content like Facebook and Instagram both act as a reach medium to enhance the brand awareness and sales of your business. Link back your Instagram ads to your website to drive traffic and increase sales. However, Instagram shop tags are not available for countries like Sri Lanka. But still, you can use Instagram to drive sales by linking back your site to your profile and ads.