You may have heard about laser treatment, especially about hair removal and eye treatment. However, did you know that medical laser is used to provide other treatments? These can either be medical or cosmetic treatments.

Laser treatment involves the use of a focused beam of light to destroy, burn or cut tissue. However, the way the laser treatment is done varies depending on the purpose. For instance, when treating a tumor, an endoscope is inserted into the body where there is a tumor and the laser is aimed to destroy or shrink the cells.

In cosmetic laser treatments such as hair removal, reduction of wrinkles or acne, the laser is applied to the skin.

Fortunately, the market is full of equipment for medical and cosmetic applications for various laser treatments.

Here are the 4 types of treatment that are available using a medical laser.

1. Cosmetic applications

Nowadays, there is a lot of hype about looking perfect. People want to get rid of the extra hair, reduce wrinkles, remove tattoos, clear acne and sunspots.

Luckily, there are many types of laser machines that are used in those cosmetic procedures. For instance, the Candela GentleYag is used to reduce wrinkles, reduce hair and perform leg treatments. Candela Alex TriVantage is used to remove tattoos and treat pigmented lesion while Cynosure Picosure helps to remove ink colors from the skin including tattoos, reduces wrinkles, acne and pigmented lesions.

2. Eye treatment

In laser eye treatment, the most commonly known is refractive eye surgery done using LASIK procedure which is meant to improve or correct vision. The producer is used to treat astigmatism, nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia).

LASIK treatment reshapes the cornea such that light is focused properly on the retina to provide clear vision. If you are not suitable for the treatment, then you can opt for LASEK or PRK surgery.

The difference between these treatments is in the procedure used.

3. Dental treatment

Nowadays, oral problems can be treated using a laser in what is now called laser dentistry.

Dental procedures done using laser treatment include tooth whitening, such as cavity treatment, gum surgery, remove overgrown tissues, and remove oral tumors.

When filling a tooth, the laser is used to remove decay. Dentists also use lasers when there are removing bacteria and reshaping gums when performing root canal procedures. In teeth whitening procedures, laser energy is used to activate the bleaching solution. Another popular treatment option is getting veneers tallahassee so that your teeth look strong and healthy for years to come.

4. Cancer treatment

In cancer treatment, the laser is used to destroy or shrink cancer cells. One benefit is that it removes a tumor without damaging nearby tissue.

The procedure entails putting into the body a thin tube with fibers at the end which directs the laser beam at the cancerous cells. Laser treatment is also used to treat cancerous cells on the skin.

Some of the laser treatment includes destroying and shrinking tumors, treating precancerous growths, relieve cancer symptoms, treating the side effects of cancer and sealing lymph vessels so prevent the tumor from spreading.

Medical laser treatment is used with chemotherapy and radiation.

The laser is used to treat the early stages of cervical, vaginal, lung and penile cancer.  It is also used to treat skin, brain, breast and head cancer.

Medical laser treatment is used in cancer diagnosis.

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