Imalka Venroy Britto is best known for his controversial dancing styles and moves making him most probably Sri Lanka’s most fun dancing star. Venroy was born in Negombo on the  9th of November 1988. Venroy sought happiness through dance from an early age. His passion to explore and express the natural symmetry of human bodies paved the path for his rise in popularity in Sri Lanka.

Imalka Venroy Britto

Leaving his greatest legacy in dance

Imalka Venroy Britto is a Sri Lankan Hip-hop dancer, DJ, Actor, Dancing choreographer, Dancing teacher, Dancing judge, the Founder of Imalka Venroy Art Studio and the vice-chairman of the Sri  Lankan dance organization. His breakthrough performance in the Derana City of dance season 1  earned him the 2nd place in the solo performances introducing him to a wider audience in Sri Lanka.

The revelatory performances of Venroy’s ever-escalating dancing career are his performances in the Derana City of Dance season 3 as the team leader of “Dangerous Gang” representing the  Gampaha District. With his expression of heart and soul wrapped up with guidance and leadership earned his team the 1st place. He did not wish for a team to copy his work but to build a team of inspiration and revolution. His studio shoulders his drive towards the creation of a new dancing style among the young generations and all-dancing lovers in the country. Later his performances in the Derana City of dance season 3 earned him the 3rd place for his solo performance on the well-renowned stage for creating superstars in the entertainment industry of Sri Lanka.

The essence of his dancing moves is to make you feel good

His magnificent dancing moves at the Asia Pacific dance x’plosion held in 2010, Hip-hop individual open competition (2nd place), Asia Pacific dance x’plosion held in 2010 in Malaysia, line dance individual newcomer open (2nd place), and the Asia Pacific dance x’plosion organized by the Joy  Club Dance Academy in Malaysia held in 2015 (2nd place) were commendable and continuously proved that he’s the kind of guy who never stops looking for the next big score in his reach. He is one of the definitions of highest energy on the Sri Lankan dance floor. Venroy has been able to maintain his recent success with his performances in the Derana music video awards 2014 receiving the Beds Dance video award for the song “Api Sanasille” of the Wayo Band. He became the Best dance video choreographer and the Concert Organizer of the SL hip-hop party in the year of 2014. The expression of his spirit in choreography and styles are based on quality movements.  Every move resembles a spark that ignites one’s spirit. He is also the creator of a new style of  Hip-hop with the divine touch of modern dance in Sri Lanka.

Venroy is a professional DJ facilitating his sensational musical services for the fans all around the island, Sri Lanka. He wishes to revere the sacred art of dance through the celebration of natural,  and contemporary dancing movements on stage igniting hope in all of our hearts towards an international stage in the coming future.

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