If you’ve done your research on lawn options, then you’ve likely come across sites that recommend artificial turf, and those who are adamantly against it. Well, while we won’t take any sides, we’re here to go over the pros and cons of artificial turf for backyard landscaping to help you decide if you want it!

The pros of artificial turf for backyard landscaping

The fresh green look

The first pro of artificial turf for backyard landscaping is, of course, the fact that it stays pristine green. You don’t need to worry about keeping your yard pretty nearly as much as you would with real grass. And, of course, the current season loses its meaning entirely. Your yard can stay green and fresh even under a light sprinkling of snow, which can make for quite a nice visual. This also makes it easier to arrange your yard if you plan on adding in some evergreens so you can always take in the relaxing colors of summer.

Maintenance needs

The second thing to note about using artificial turf for backyard landscaping is that maintaining it is much, much easier. Now, you will still need to put some effort into turf cleaning in order to take good care of it, but that’s nothing compared to what real grass requires. You would need to weed your lawn, to aerate it, to deal with dead grass, cover up bald patches… The list of tasks goes on and on, so anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to their yard would be forced to pay to have it maintained. And even if you do have the time, it might not be something you’d like to waste it on!

The versatility

The amazing thing about artificial turf is that it has none of the limitations of actual grass. In other words, it doesn’t need sunlight or water or things like earthworms in your lawn in order to stay perfectly green. In fact, direct sunlight speeds up its decay instead, even if it’s very slow. This gives you a lot more options when it comes to what you can actually do with it. Do you have a large patio or veranda, and you’d like to see grass under them instead of just bare earth? With actual grass, this would be outright impossible. Artificial turns can be laid there, however, and it will perfectly complement your yard!

The durability

The durability of artificial turf naturally beats out what actual grass can offer. Are you tired of having to pay special attention to your kids and pets and constantly remind them not to trample your grass? Well, with artificial turf, you wouldn’t need to worry about this at all! You’d be free to let your kids and pets have all the fun they want in your yard, and it would have minimal effect on it. Now, it’s not indestructible by any means, but it would still endure a lot more punishment without developing bald spots and last for a much longer time.

The cons of artificial turf for backyard landscaping

The look and feel of artificial grass

Artificial turf is not perfect, of course, as the first con of using artificial turf for backyard landscaping perfectly illustrates. Namely, cheaper artificial grass can often look obviously fake. This can make the results of laying artificial turf disappointing. The second thing to keep in mind is that the feeling of artificial turf under your toes is by no means the same as that of actual grass. It is admittedly rougher, and spending time in your yard can lose some of its charm if this is something that would bother you. Of course, high-quality artificial turf mitigates these problems, but they’re still there.

Heat concerns

You might find sites that claim that artificial turf is cooler during summer than actual grass. And for a few hours each morning in areas that don’t have extreme temperatures, this is true. However, in extremely warm states and areas, using artificial turf for backyard landscaping might not be the best idea. It heats up very quickly during the day, to the point that stepping on it can cause burns. Of course, that takes a lot of strong, direct sunlight. But it’s still a concern in the states where artificial turf is used to make up for the fact that grass just can’t make it due to the heat.

The costs associated with artificial turf

Similarly to the previous point, you might hear that artificial turf is ‘cheaper’. To maintain? Definitely. But there’s a good reason we did not bring up the cost of maintenance much when we discussed it. This is because, as the experts from Peak Services Las Vegas can attest, installing artificial turf is much more expensive than setting up a natural lawn. At the same time, just because the turf lasts for a very long time doesn’t mean you won’t need to replace it. So, when we take everything into account, owning an artificial turf ends up being more expensive overall than a ‘traditional’ lawn.

Odd decay

The final of the cons of using artificial turf for backyard landscaping is the fact that it tends to age funny. Decay of a normal patch of grass is something that can even complement the current season. A withered lawn can look quite nice during fall, for example. However, artificial turf does not age nearly as gracefully. The colors tend to become all washed out, and if you weren’t superbly responsible with its cleaning, it can start to smell odd, too. So, while you don’t need to learn a lot about gardening to maintain it, you also need to deal with the fact that you can do very little to stop the negative parts of its decay, either.

Your final decision on using artificial turf for backyard landscaping

Now that you understand the pros and cons of artificial turf for backyard landscaping, you can decide whether that’s something you want. The pros are pretty evenly matched by the cons, so it all comes down to personal preferences in the end. And, of course, how much you value having natural, soft grass to spend your time on.

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