There’s no question that podcasting is on the rise. Every day, more people are finding interesting topics to talk about and then publishing their thoughts directly to the internet. There are, however, many important considerations for any podcaster to take into account when they start recording themselves. From what you should and shouldn’t say, to video production and editing, there are many things to consider before launching your own podcast. Here are some of the things that experts tend to agree on as The Do’s and Don’ts of podcasting.

DO Have An Impact On Audience

Experts generally agree that beginning podcasters should strive to have a significant impact on their audience. Podcasters should constantly be thinking about how they can better connect with their followers and create content that fosters discussion and has the potential to change lives. While making this change will certainly require extra work, it’s also a good way for podcasters to find their footing and build a strong foundation. A nice place to start is to measure a podcast’s impact on an audience by analyzing data and measuring performance. There are many ways to do this. Some podcast hosting platforms offer free analytics tools that should be used to help you evaluate the performance of your show.

DON’T Ramble On

Podcasting is a medium that requires a lot of self-discipline. Podcasters shouldn’t feel the need to say everything that pops into their head. While it’s important for podcasters to be themselves, they should also think about the time and attention span of their audience. Podcasters should always strive to get straight to the point in a way that is both engaging and impactful. This means that only the most interesting points should be discussed, and tangential rambling or details should be cut from a podcast episode. Also, because podcasting is a form of media that requires listeners to be active, podcasters should avoid covering topics that are too difficult or abstract. They should instead focus on things that they can easily describe in an engaging way, with the hope of inspiring action in their audience.

DO Publish On A Regular Basis

Podcasts that publish new episodes on a regular basis, such as weekly or monthly, tend to retain their fans better than podcasts that go long stretches without publishing. Many podcasters also experience best results when they follow a schedule and create consistency around the release of their shows. If you’re just starting out, it may be helpful to identify a regular day that feels good for you to publish. It’s also important to have a regular time of day when you want to publish, as listeners are more likely to seek out specific podcasts at certain times.

DON’T Use Inside Jokes

Establishing rapport with your audience is definitely an important part of podcasting, but there is a right and wrong way to do it. Podcasters should strive to demonstrate their personality without using inside jokes, as these can alienate a large part of an audience who may not understand the reference. The best place for podcasters to establish rapport with followers is through their content themselves. They should be transparent about what interests them and then convey that in the microphone. Podcasters should also try to connect with listeners who share similar interests and experiences to make audiences feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

DON’T Make It Too Long

The attention span of listeners is a topic that podcasters often disagree on. Some say that people are willing to pay more attention if they’re interested in the subject matter, while others feel that shorter shows are much easier to craft and maintain listener interest. The truth is that both sides have valid arguments. Podcasters should be aware of their own attention span and that of their audience. If they find it difficult to stay on track, they should consider recording shorter episodes or editing out tangents. They should also seek to infuse more excitement into their content so that people will want to listen for longer periods of time.

DO Research

It’s important for podcasters not only to research the topic that they’re covering but also to research their audience and potential advertisers. Podcasters should have a clear understanding of their audience’s likes and dislikes so that they can better serve them. Through good research, podcasters will clearly identify what listeners want to hear about, who is most likely to listen, and where the best places are for advertising. This information will help podcasters hone in on specific topics that achieve results.

DON’T Do It For Promotion

Just like any other form of content, podcasting has become sensationalized in recent years. This means that it’s easy for podcasters to fall into the trap of wanting to share their show simply to gain recognition or promotion for themselves. Podcasting is not about the podcaster; it’s about serving the audience and creating value for them. If you take this approach, your podcast will be far more likely to succeed without making you seem self-serving or unauthentic.

DO Edit

This is among the most important do’s for podcasters. Editing podcasts is an art unto itself, and it’s something that can make or break a show. Podcasters should try to take their raw content and pare it down into the best possible finished product that they can create. This includes cutting out false starts, filler words, pauses, ums, and ahs. Podcasters should also take advantage of technology to enhance their shows through edits. This includes noise reduction, sound effects, and other elements that can help bring the content to life.

DON’T Forget To Have Fun

One last piece of advice for podcasters is to have fun. Podcasts are meant for entertainment, so if your show feels like a chore to create, it’s not likely to go over very well with listeners. Podcasters should always strive to have fun even when they are working hard on their shows. They should also avoid taking themselves too seriously and focus on being authentic in their delivery.

And there you have it, folks. The do’s and don’ts of podcasting according to the pros. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Also, we hope this article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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