To make a difference, we need to do something that stands out, which is something that not everybody is doing. Surprisingly, not all businesses have caught on to the idea that a video is worth putting on their website. They believe that textual content, as long as it explains everything, will be enough and that a video will only slow down their website. This is, however, not so. A moving image is proven to increase sales and grow a company to new levels and so will be well worth the effort and expense of producing.

So, with the help of, why not put that theory to the test?

While you are deciding, let us consider the differences a moving image with sound can make to your businessโ€™s success when it is filmed and produced professionally.

Engaging Content

A video that contains a human being can only help sell a product. We all thrive on human contact rather than reading text which will only bring a situation to life if it is a work of fiction. Facts need to be explained by a real person demonstrating them to us. Then, we understand them better and will be better sold on the idea and the message, and therefore the brand and the product.

The very nature of a video is about keeping a person interested, no matter what we are offering them. The video journey will grab their attention, entertain them, educate them, gain their trust, sell them your product, have them talk about you in a good light with others, as well as spreading your message for you. Once this has been done, you can then have them, as an existing customer, return to your website to view your next exciting video.

Fast and Convenient

Videos on a website can be considered a fast and convenient way to communicate a message with the world. Resembling face-to-face contact, they can quickly communicate a branding message and explain about a product. They add that human touch to an otherwise false situation. It is noticeable that more and more businesses started to use videos online when they needed to expand their businesses beyond their high street store, so they can survive during what has been a very difficult time for retailers.

Can be Adjusted to Attention Span

When comparing a video to reading text, we should bear in mind that it is recommended that a homepage video should be kept to 2 minutes or under. You want to grab a viewer’s attention but not risk losing it. So, bear this in mind when working out what contents you want your videographer to include in your video. You can get around this by filming several short videos, of course. You need to be careful, though, that you direct the viewer’s attention to the one that sells the product you want them specifically to buy.

There is no doubt that keeping someoneโ€™s attention is about relaying a message to them in the quickest possible time. Then, when you have them engaged, direct them to the checkout area to make that all-important purpose. That will, after all, be the initial purpose of the video. Its second purpose will be in making sure that the person talks about how good your video was with someone else. Thirdly, it will be about them coming back to your website looking out for your next promotional video that will likely sell them a different product along similar lines. They will by now know your brand and have engaged with it.

Who Should Appear in Your Video?

To make the best impression, and the first one will have been formed in just 7 seconds, you need to choose carefully who will star in your marketing video. This way, your video will make the biggest difference by generating the most impact.

If there isnโ€™t anybody in your company you feel would come over well as a presenter, then you should use professional actors and actresses, who your videographer can help you find because they will already have the contacts. Somebody trained in presenting can be as convincing as someone working for your company in coming over to everyone else as being knowledgeable about your product. It is just a matter of training them in the use of the main features of the product that you want them to highlight to the viewers.

To conclude, in our tour of the difference a moving image can make to an individualโ€™s or businessโ€™s webpage, we can say with surety that it is a significant one. Marketing videos are already working well for the businesses that use them, and not to be left behind, we should engage with the concept as much as we would like for our potential customers to engage with our professionally produced videos.

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