With the current stressful and demanding situation in the world, the pandemic has us locked inside our homes, unable to live our normal daily lives. But not only can spending all of our time indoors be seriously detrimental to both our physical and our mental health, living in the city can be incredibly dangerous, as it raises our chances of catching the Coronavirus. That is why the best idea might be to gather your loved ones and escape from the city into the calm and beautiful nature, in order to recharge your batteries and take care of your overall well-being. So, here is an extensive guide for taking a short outdoor vacation:

Take advantage of your surroundings

Most people are guilty of ignoring the natural beauty of the place they live in. However, not only does every corner of the world have something pleasant and enjoyable to offer, spending time in natural surroundings that are located near your home might also be the most logical and convenient solution during this time, as you can be safe and sound knowing it won’t take more than an hour or two to come back home in case anything happens on the road. So, take a look at lakes, rivers, mountain ranges, national parks or reserves near the place where you live, and take advantage of your surroundings for the best outdoor adventure yet.

Equip your vehicle with the best parts

As a breakdown is probably the last thing you want to happen to you on the road, it would be a good idea to do a thorough check-up of your car before you depart. Take a look at everything from the brakes, wheels and tires to lights and fluid levels throughout the whole vehicle, and then fix or replace the parts that might be faulty or broken, in order to have the most enjoyable ride possible. In case you decided to go on an off-road adventure, consider equipping your vehicle with the best 4×4 parts available, including off-road lights, mud flaps and body armor, to ensure a safe, smooth and pleasurable drive, even on unfavorable terrain.

Figure out where you will be sleeping

Although they’re undoubtedly the most comfortable options, it might be best to avoid hotels and hostels during the current pandemic, as you can never be too certain the accommodation’s hygiene and precaution measures are up to standard. Instead, a better solution would be to sleep in your own caravan, if you happen to have one, or to simply set up a tent in the woods or known camping grounds, which will most likely be significantly emptier than usual during this period. Alternatively, you can always choose to spend your nights in your car, if it’s spacious and comfortable enough for a good night’s rest.

Pack your car wisely and accordingly

Regardless of your destination, you should always pack with the weather and your surroundings in mind. Choose comfortable clothing and footwear that will keep you protected from outside elements, without limiting your range of movement, and don’t forget to pack a lightweight raincoat and waterproof boots, just in case. Apart from essential toiletries, remember to bring sunscreen, no matter the season, as well as a first aid kit that will be incredibly useful in case any mishaps happen during the trip. If you want, you could also take full advantage of the space in your car by packing everything from camping tools to some essential cooking equipment, and even pillows and blankets if you decide to spend the night in your vehicle.

Always be mindful of your health

Although you will undoubtedly be much safer when spending time in nature, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still take proper care of your hygiene, as well as your overall health. In case you will be making stops at stores or petrol stations, make sure to protect yourself accordingly, and regularly disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer or wet wipes. Don’t forget to bring enough food to last you the whole trip, from healthy snacks you can nibble on in the car to meat and vegetables you can roast over the fire. Remember to bring enough water as well, as staying properly hydrated throughout your journey in the wild will ensure you remain fit and healthy.

While spending time outdoors is always incredibly beneficial, it is especially important in trying times like these. So, gather your loved ones, hit the road, and follow this helpful guide for the best and safest adventure you could possibly have far away from the city.

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