If you intend to enter into the welding industry and you have no idea where to begin, relax. Learning about welding techniques and even the machines that you need to use as a welder is vital. There are groups of machines that are easy for you to learn. They include; Miller electric MIG welder, AHP alpha TIG 200x, Hobart 500421 Stick mate, ESAB O558101694 MIG welder. To help you understand, read below.

However, one thing which you must consider, being a beginner in this field, is the best welding helmet. It is highly important for the safety of your eyes. Nowadays, several welding helmets for beginners are also available in the market  which you could consider for this purpose.

1) Miller Electric 120/24 V Ac Welders for MIG Welding

They are some of the best easy to use welder machines. They are prominent for having great durability and power. If you have just started your welding journey, then MIG welding is most recommendable. It has a dependable wire feed, and it is very efficient when it comes to welding steel. It will help you to develop your welding skills since you can use it on different materials that have different thicknesses. The only disadvantage is that it is expensive.

2) Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder

It is affordable and prominent in the welding industry. You can use it on light household welding and even the farm equipment-grade jobs. Due to its affordability, it is highly recommendable for beginners. The only disadvantage is on numerous complaints from the customers about its foreign make.

3) Lincoln Electric 140 c MIG Welder

It is durable and clean. It is a quality brand when compared with other machines. It is very versatile, and not only does it handle the light household work but also the heavy farm machinery. You will also be amazed by how easy it welds the car frames. Unfortunately, it has a low rating of 20%, and it is only suited for US households.

Other than MIG welders, there are also the TIG welders

Though they are also good for beginners, they are more complex. Some of them include:

              i. AHP Alphatig 200x 20 AMP TIG Welder

It is affordable and is a wonderful thin material-oriented-welder. Apart from having the power to weld ยผ aluminum, it also has the power to weld 3/8 mild steel. As a beginner, you will get more experience from it. One of the major problems with these machines is that sometimes the arc has a problem starting.

            ii. SAB 0558101694 Mini Arc Welder

It is good for beginners, and it is also very affordable. It is very portable with a weight of only eighteen pounds. Since it has a shoulder strap, it makes it easy to carry whenever one needs to use it. If you intend to do small and delicate welds, then ESAB is the best choice. It is because of its ability to provide 5-160 amps. Its fixed hot start enables you to strike the arc easily. Unfortunately, as a beginner, you can have a problem striking an arc.

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