The success of an online business depends largely on the marketing properties of the products it offers its customers. What makes a profit? What kind of product is in constant demand and does not require unnecessary expenses on advertising and promotion?

Analysis of the world e-commerce platforms and such popular direction of world trade as dropshipping give the answer to these questions.

Dropship best (dropship best) business for scaling, allows you to test new products and strategies without financial risk. In this model: storage of goods, their delivery and logistics are the responsibility of the supplier, the dropshipper’s business is sales.

90% of success in dropshipping is the “right” supplier. It is from him that the seller’s image, the loyalty of his clients and how the business as a whole will develop depends. It is necessary to carefully study incoming commercial offers, analyze prices, calculate and foresee commercial margins.

Unfortunately, to find a drop companies (drop companies) which can be trusted, is quite difficult. How to understand that you are not just a niche supplier, but a manufacturer of products and the best dropshipping company (best dropshipping company) – his dealer?

The famous Korean company Halla Systems is in constant search of interesting offers and the best dropshipping suppliers. To do this, it uses special methods for evaluating the world’s leading e-commerce platforms:

  1. Alibaba 
  2. AliExpress
  3. Shopify
  4. Chinabrands
  5. Amazon

Let’s talk more about them. We asked the leading specialist of Halla Systems Co. Ltd. to tell us about the selection methodology and criteria for evaluating suppliers.

It’s hard to talk about dropshipping without mentioning Alibaba, the world’s leading e-commerce platform that offers hundreds of millions of products in more than 40 major categories. This online shopping platform is popular with B2B transactional wholesalers who are constantly looking for quality goods at low prices. Alibaba has its own app for platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce.

AliExpress is a global virtual marketplace with no purchase restrictions, unlike Alibaba. It is a platform on the level of Shopee, Lazada and Amazon. AliExpress has integrations with platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento and 3DCart.

Shopify, an e-commerce software company, has created a popular SaaS e-commerce platform of the same name. On its basis, you can create your own online stores. Shopify works with both dropshippers and traditional online stores.

Chinabrands is a global dropshipping platform which offers a wide range of popular products and novelties. Chinabrands’ logistics network spans more than 200 countries.

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce sites in the world. Sellers can list their products with no listing fees. Nearly one-fifth of the products that Amazon vendors offer are currently sold outside their countries of origin.

Halla Systems continually monitors these platforms, studies the bestseller rankings in all categories, and collects the best dropshipping companies’ offerings on its site. To do this, it carefully analyzes and verifies:

– customer reviews, their number, content and evaluation

– dropshipping service costs, hidden fees and expenses

– return policy, refund options

– Product samples, quality, certification and engineering documentation

– Shippers’ reviews (drop shippers reviews)

– Customer service information.

Using the Google Keyword Tool, the company’s specialists determine the number of search queries for any product of interest.

Halla Systems cooperates with large distributors, international retail chains, hypermarkets of world renown. Halla Systems co. helps its network partners to create effective sales channels, to form optimal supply chains. Provides intermediary and integrator services. Can make deals on behalf of the customer. 

The company’s single platform gathers information on suppliers and manufacturers of agricultural products and machinery, construction equipment, cars, textiles and electronics. Halla Systems motto is “dropshipping trust network for your items”.

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