We all eagerly anticipate that time of the year when almost every television show releases its holiday/Christmas specials. These episodes are wholesome and make you feel warm even when the weather outside is dropping to freezing temperatures. Television shows create hype just a few weeks before Christmas in hopes of preparing the fans. And just like us, we know you also binge-watch these particular episodes for years to come.

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Having said that, one thing is common in the Christmas episodes of all the TV shows; they are a rollercoaster of emotions. So, why don’t you hop on this ride with us, as we take a look at all the 5 best Christmas episodes everyone needs to watch this holiday season?

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead!*

1. Friends, “The One With the Holiday Armadillo” (Season 7, Episode 10)

Friends gave us some of the greatest holiday specials of all time. The Thanksgiving specials are rather more famous but we can never forget this Christmas special that brought happy tears to our faces while also having us laughing uncontrollably. 

This episode is more of a hybrid of Christmas and Hanukkah. In hopes of teaching his son Ben about Hanukkah, Ross goes to extra lengths and gets himself a costume of Armadillo. What’s more? Phoebe keeps making efforts to have Rachel move back into her apartment and while doing this, she keeps coming up with different strategies that make her leave Joey’s apartment.

2. The Office, “Christmas Party” (Season 2, Episode 10)

The episode is hilarious. It has one major plot involving Michael (Of course!), and a subplot with Jim and Pam. The dialogues, performance, and cinematography make this episode a masterpiece. Also, it would not be a stretch to say, this episode becomes one of the reasons for the endless praise the show kept on receiving till its end.

Michael organizes a Christmas party for the office staff. But he can already see the whole thing ending up in a disaster. Meanwhile, Jim buys a teapot for Pam, to confess his love for her, and Michael goes out of his way to buy an iPod for Ryan. To save the party, Michael breaks the company’s policy and buys alcohol for everyone.

3. Modern Family, “Express Christmas” (Season 3, Episode 10)

Modern family keeps giving some of the best holiday specials in TV history. Whether it is Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, the creators of this show know the art of giving their audience what they want. Express Christmas is one of its prime examples. The episode, just like any other Modern Family episode, makes you realize how important family is.

This family realizes they won’t be together on Christmas this year. So, Phil conjures up the idea to celebrate “Express Christmas” before the actual day arrives to still be able to do all the fun, family stuff together. Things go downhill eventually, but it also brings them closer to one another.

4. New Girl, “The 23rd” (Season 1, Episode 9)

Schmidt and the gang can make you cry and laugh uncontrollably and this episode shows that perfectly. The 23rd is this TV show’s first Christmas episode and it plays a great role in making the hopes of the audience go high for future episodes.

The holiday party takes place at Schmidt’s office and all his friends attend it. In the meantime, Jess is a bit perplexed upon receiving a very expensive gift from Paul.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “Yippie Kayak” (Season 3, Episode 10)

Unlike Halloween specials, Brooklyn Nine-Nine only had a handful of Christmas episodes throughout its run. However, all these episodes still manage to captivate the audience brilliantly, and it became difficult to pinpoint the one that truly leaves all the others behind. Out of all the other Christmas specials of B99, Yippie Kayak has to be the best one.

The episode is filled with amazing quotes and a mind-blowing performance. While doing last-minute Christmas shopping; Jake, Gina, and Boyle find themselves in a hostage situation. Terry, on the other hand, is busy with his family and trying his hardest to take any calls from the precinct. What’s more? Well, Amy and Rosa participate in a “Polar Swim” with Captain Holt.

Final Words

The holiday season is approaching quicker than we realize. And to get in the spirits of festivities, we cannot help but go back to some of the best Christmas TV episodes and binge-watch them. If you are also looking to spend quality time while you’re home from college, then check out the episodes we have mentioned in this article and have a wonderful Christmas.

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