Time has passed very quickly marking the end of another year in your life. Well, are you happy with the previous year? Or are you looking forward for the new year with new hopes and confidence?

Think back of the previous year for a while. Some may feel about their regrets, things they could not have started or finished, failures, problems, pains and the list is never ending. Yet, there is another way of looking too. Why do not you look it as a year of your growth because you made it through each day. You are a better version of yourself despite lot of hardships. You should be thankful and be proud about yourself as a human being who has survived for another 365 days in your life. In short, you should not look at the life as half empty or half full glass attitude but always, as a refillable glass with hope, happiness, love and dreams.

I guess everybody has new year resolutions. But how many of you stick to them with a proper plan? Most of us forget as the time passes or procrastinate to the next new year. In fact, good things come to those who wait but better things come to those who work for it. It is all about how you respond to a situation which can change the situation for better or worse. First, you need to understand yourself. Concentrate who you are now. Then accept who you have been in the previous year. Simply work towards who you want to be in the next year with determination and courage.


Believe that good things are on the way as life is full of tiny miracles. We need to be vigilant to observe them with gratitude. It is obvious that you can not please every party. Yet, you need to realize that your self-worth depends on how you think about yourself. It does not depend on the things that other people say about you.

If you really want to achieve incredible things in life, you need to attempt the impossible things as challenges. You do not need perfection every time to achieve excellence also. When you start working on your goals, you need to be a person of strength where you get to know, it is the journey that makes you to become stronger by changing your individuality.

Once the great physicist, Albert Einstein had said that, “Life is like riding bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Dear folks, you are the captain of your own ship with infinite potential. If you look closely, there are endless possibilities around you to make a better version of you. You need to grab the opportunities to achieve your goals. So, let this new year be a great start for your unstoppable, determined and vivacious life. While achieving, do not forget that you need to have patience, persistence and perspiration throughout the year too. That is how I see it folks!

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