Gone are the days when people used to rely only on academics for making a career. Now the world has changed and so has the career prospects, people are now opting for new kind of courses like photography. This has emerged as a growing profession garnering the attention of many students. If you have been thinking that photography as a conventional field, then you must know that it has evolved a lot. Here are some of the popular career options that exist in this field:

  1. Scientific photography
  2. Fashion photography
  3. Wildlife photography
  4. Conceptual photography
  5. Commercial photography
  6. Event photography
  7. Portrait photography and many more.

Here is the Detailed Overview Some of The Popular Courses

  1. Event Photography: Often people want to capture their memories of events such as their big day of wedding, birthday, their first day with their pet and so on. Photographers are paid to take their pictures of these special occasions with their people creating moments. This is called event photography. Amateurs, who study photography, often start on the field as a wedding photographer. Photographers often take portraits of people in various settings in event photography. Photographs mostly capture moments when two people are getting married or rock concerts. For event photography, one should use an 85 mm f/1.8 USM lens to have their best outcome.
  2. Portrait Photography: Portrait photography is the most common form of photography. Often movie sets require photographers to click pictures of their cast members in different forms of gestures, in various apertures, in various lightings and backdrops to bring out the detail of human emotions. Portrait photography mostly concentrates and works on human emotions. A telephoto lens, 70-200mm F/2.8 is the best tool if one wants to create stunning portraits.
  3. Fine Art Photography: ย When photography is used just to create art and is displayed at art shows, we call it fine art photography. In this type of photography, the subject could be anything and should be free-flowing.
  4. Conceptual Photography: If you are looking for some unconventional photography, why not choose conceptual photography. It illustrates an idea. The age-old adage- a picture is worth a thousand words best suits this type. If you want to get into conveying a lot of meaning through your photograph than just snappy happy ones, then this is the right choice for you.
  5. Fashion Photography: Fashion Photography is used to photograph a personโ€™s sense of fashion meaning clothes, jewelry, accessories, and the subject has to be fashion. Fashion photography includes a lot of subjects and is often used in fashion magazines.
  6. Product Photography: The advertising world benefits from product photography. The subject of product photography is always a product that is for sale. It is a big form of marketing structure.

Qualification To Study Photography

In addition to your zeal and flair for photography, one must-have a high school diploma to study photography in this field. There are formal degree programs available for this, and to enroll for it, having minimum qualification is important. Although creativity and talent reign supreme in this field, having a degree will always give you an upper edge.

Photography is the application or the practice of taking a picture tangible by recording the light and other electromagnetic radiation, with the help of an image sensor through an electronic gadget. It can also be chemically captured into a tangible form through light-sensitive material. Simply put, it is the art of taking pictures and processing photographs.

What If I am A Photographer, Do I Still Need To Study Photography?

Whether you are a professional or someone who has recently started their career in photography, honing oneโ€™s skill is always a great way to grow in their career. If you wish to pursue a career in photography, then you need to study photography from a good institute. As mentioned above creativity and flair for photography is the must-have the skill and if you have already started clicking things professionally, its time to build a portfolio of yours. This will help you gain enrolment in institute offering photography courses or you can also opt to study photography under a reputed photographer.

In addition to this, you must start your own blog where you can post pictures and circulate them across to your clients or prospective clients. Advertise yourself via social media or organizing free photo-shoot to get more clients.

Having a professional degree will always increase your credibility and at the same time, it will get you a better reputation in the market.

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