Over the last two decades, social media has evolved to a greater extent. It has proven to be very beneficial and a powerful tool for businesses. As a business owner, you might think that success in social media is an easy task. However, this is possible only if you are following the right methods. For example, it is estimated that the organic reach of Facebook is hardly 5%. And, this is a very low engagement number.

Connecting with the existing clients and reaching out to new customers is only possible when you implement a solid strategy. No lazier ways will work anymore. But what exactly do you need to do? Well! In this post, we have mentioned some ways that will help you to market your business products and services effectively. So, if you want to boost your businessโ€™s online presence and customer engagement, keep reading.

Choosing the right social media platform: When we say choosing the right platform, it means that all social media platforms are not formed equally. For example, for one brand Instagram may act as a huge contributing factor while for some other brand it will not have effective results. This is why it is necessary to pick a network that gains more customers. However, the best way is to have an account on all the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest.

But, we suggest you focus more on creating quality content on a particular platform by checking the insights and seeing what content succeeds on which platform. For example, while using Facebook you can create groups and use messenger chatbot, or using live video to expand your engagement. And, if you have a business related to sports or politics, you can use Twitter to tune up your voice.

Optimize Your Videos: Engaging your audience with the help of the videos is an excellent way to show up in their feeds while scrolling. While posting a video make sure that you include a keyword-rich title, description and tags to your video. According to the experts at Designmemarketing.com daily posts, content, videos and ad campaigns are the best ways to dominate social media and build your business. As you start using these methods your videos will start showing up to the users, ultimately increasing your client list.

Optimize the Twitter business profile: Do you know that there are more than 300 million users on Twitter and approximately 300,000 tweets are posted every minute. From journalists to bloggers to influencers your potential customers are present everywhere. For this reason, it is crucial to optimize your brandโ€™s Twitter profile. This needs the right bio, right kind of profile image, header picture where you can feature your top-selling products, your team picture, book launch, special business event etc. Also, do not forget to open up your Twitter inbox and add the location.

Live Interactions: Whether it is your business event or a new product launch, live sessions shoot to the top of the followers. Wherever you go live, a notification is sent to all your followers and you are more likely to spread the information to huge masses in one click. The best part about this is that the video will appear on the business page after you have completed the live session.

Now you know about the different ways that you can use to escalate your online presence. From the companyโ€™s branding to business development, competitor research, recruitment, audience research everything is possible with social media management.

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