You will often see many businesses throw around the mantra “work hard, play hard,” to build up employee loyalty and appreciation. While using this mantra is fine, some businesses lack in following through.

It’s important to do so, considering how many American employees feel under-appreciated. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that you have days where you cut back a little bit and show your appreciation for those who work for you. The ideas are endless, such as holding a big cookout event or hire a clean comedian if you’re inviting employees’ families.

Below are some great ideas for showing your employees just how much you appreciate them.

Arcade Night Out

You might think that arcades are just for kids, and you couldn’t be more wrong. There are plenty of arcades and entertainment venues out there that cater to more than just kids. These places are filled with arcade games, bowling places, and bars with plenty of adult beverages and food.

It’s a good chance for some friendly competition amongst employees and a way to boost overall morale.

Remembering Birthdays

Everyone loves an excuse to stop working for a bit and celebrate, right? Instead of having everyone sign a card or drop off a basic fruit basket, why not have a big birthday celebration once a month? That is to say, celebrate every December birthday on a certain day in December, all July birthdays on a certain day in July, etc. You can get your employees professional client gifts on their birthdays throughout the month.

Bring in Entertainment

While it might be hard to organize some sort of event that takes place off company grounds, why not bring the entertainment into the office?

This is your chance to show off a creative spirit and see what you can find out there. Maybe you can hire a clean comedian, an improv group, or even set up a murder mystery party.

Plus, it’s a great way to give your employees a “day off”.

Individual Awards

Your company may offer bonuses based on performance, but what happens when you give a free round of golf to someone that’s never picked up a club in his or her life?

Instead of giving uniform awards or offering basic incentives, try to get personal with people. If someone just got married, you could give them a couple’s spa retreat coupon if they hit a certain goal. For those with families, you could offer to pay for a day-trip to the zoo. Making it personal shows your employees that you care.

Random Lunch Days

There doesn’t always have to be a reason to show appreciation or celebrate your employees, so why not spruce it up with a random lunch day here or there? It could be something like catering in everyone’s favorite restaurant or organizing a fancy lunch in town if you’ve got a small team. Spring it on them out of the blue as surprises are always quite fun!

Encourage Out-of-the-office Recognition

You want to show your employees that you value them more than just an average employee, so make sure you’re encouraging and rewarding them for their out-of-work activity.

Maybe someone in your group is starring in a community theater play. Make sure you show up to opening night or post fliers around the office. If someone’s daughter is in the Girl Scouts, buy her a gift accordingly. The ideas are endless!

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