Addictions can catch us by surprise. We may be going through a hard time with our finances, relationships, or jobs. We may turn to drugs to deaden the pain, and before we know it the addiction can take control. Fortunately, there are ways to escape the destructive cycle of drugs. Let’s take a look together.

Attend a Center

This is particularly important if a person is addicted to opiates, benzodiazepines, or alcohol. Addiction centers provide a controlled environment that can oversee a person’s physical reactions to coming off drugs.

People need to check if their medical insurance covers this. The Health Maintenance Organization accepts Aetna rehab coverage as Preferred Provider Organizational plans do. It will depend on both the type of policy and the geographical location. Such things as detox, residential care, and intensive outpatient care may be available.

Make a Clear Decision

This is something only the addict can make. They need to realize that they are in charge of their own destiny and that they do not have to see themself as a helpless victim. It may be good to list all the bad things that have occurred as a result of the addiction, including health issues. Has it cost friendships and made the person isolated? Are they stealing and deceiving people? This can encourage a desire to change.

Get Professional Help

Be open with friends and family, and gain their support. Also, doctors can advise on the medical aspects of the situation. Counselors can open up helpful lines of communication too. This may be one to one or with support groups.

Cognitive Based Therapy may also be offered to change a person’s beliefs. When this is fully adopted, peoples’ behaviors and reactions can change for the best. Perhaps think about seeing a debt counselor or life coach if this would also be of benefit.

Many people turn to drugs because of pre-existing psychological conditions such as stress, depression, or PTSD. These need to be attended to using professional help, rather than addressing the symptoms of addiction alone.

Work on Body, Soul, and Spirit

A gym coach can help in the journey towards physical wellbeing. Learn to eat and drink healthily, and to stay off alcohol.

Mindfulness practice is a non-religious activity that enables a person to focus on the moment, instead of racing in all directions. When it is daily practiced, feelings of stress can be reduced.

Create a New Life

It’s no use simply coming off drugs and living in a vacuum; something else needs to fill the space. Once again, sit down and write. What will your new life look like? Write down some long term hopes and dreams, and then some achievable steps to achieve them.

There may need to be cutting off from the past. This could relate to unhelpful friends with similar addictions and issues or social haunts that will lead back to the old lifestyle.

There is no reason why a person cannot change themselves by taking these steps. Other people, including professionals, can help, and the future can become bright. Why not take the first steps now.

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