There’s an old phrase – “you just can’t get the staff these days”. Usually, it’s used tongue-in-cheek to allude to trying to get people to do things for you for little or no pay (which of course you would never do). But, there is no denying it that finding good staff can be a tricky business. If you are someone who is more comfortable dealing with plug-ins and protocols than people, the thought of sifting through applicants can seem even more daunting.

The solution to your problem could be using a recruitment agency

Agencies aren’t just for the big players. Small companies and startups could save money and, more importantly, time by working with a recruiter to find the perfect hires.

So why should you use an agency instead of just keeping it all in-house? 

Read on for our top four reasons to get an agency to do the hard work for you.

1. Spread the net wider

Agencies have a far bigger network than you can probably imagine. This is especially important if you are a smaller company. Not only will they have more places to seek out talented individuals they will already have a bunch of them on their books thats why they deal in different countries like they do Recruitment in Boston and also in Worcester simultaneously. A huge benefit is that you don’t necessarily need to wait for people to respond to the post. The agency can reach out to people they think are a good fit as soon as the post is made public.

2. Specialist knowledge

A huge plus about working with an agency comes if you are in a specialised field. Look for an outfit that deals with your niche and you immediately are going to get a better quality of candidate. For example, MBN Solutions, based in Glasgow & London, works specifically with data science, analytics, tech and digital fields. Their inside knowledge means they attract positions and applicants from all over Europe as well as the UK. Another benefit of working with a specialised agency is that they will have an excellent grasp of the going salary rates for your industry.

3. They have other services too

Depending on what your company does you may require new employees to go through background checks, sign disclosures or do skill assessments. The agency can take care of all of that for you and may even have some things in place before the applicants even cross your desk.

4. Post with perfection

Crafting a job posting is not just as simple as writing a quick bullet point list of general job duties. In fact, poorly written postings can be the number one reason for a lack of good applicants. An agency will be able to take that bullet point list, ask the right question and craft an advert that will have people beating down your door. Some cost-saving benefits come into things here too. For an individual company to post jobs on the major recruitment sites sporadically can become very expensive, very quickly. Agencies on the other hand already have accounts so you don’t need to worry about paying through the nose just to get your opportunity out there.

So there you have it. Some top reasons to outsource the legwork. I like to think of it as working smarter not harder. For you shy folk out there you, I’m afraid will still have to actually interview your shortlisted potential staff, but at least you will know you are getting candidates you should be genuinely interested in.

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