When planning a wedding and marriage, there are many moving pieces. The ring may be a simple component of the big day, but there are plenty of different options for rings.

Some people choose to have an engagement and wedding ring, while others pick one over the other. How do you know which option is right for you? Read on to learn more about your wedding jewelry options.

Engagement rings

Engagement rings often vary in their appearance more than wedding rings. It is usually a band with one or more gems. There is a lot of variety in the shape, color, and design choices.

While diamonds became the norm after the 1950s, other gems are popular too. The engagement ring options can vary on geographic location. For example, styles of engagement rings in San Diego may vary from those on the East coast.

The engagement ring symbolizes a commitment from both parties to get married. Traditionally only one party gave an engagement ring to the other party. However, it is becoming more popular for both parties to propose with a ring.

Wedding rings

Wedding rings are often plainer than engagement rings. They are often simple gold bands, inlaid with pave gems or contain other accents. While only one party often wears an engagement ring, both parties usually get a wedding band. This ring signifies a long-term commitment and is worn after you are married.

The difference between engagement rings and wedding rings

Engagement and wedding rings both relate to a union of marriage. Traditionally, one party gives the other party an engagement ring when they propose marriage. That ring is worn alone until the wedding day. On the wedding day, both parties get a wedding band.

Often, you can purchase both bands as a set. In the United States, both rings go on the left ring finger. Other parts of the world may place the rings on the right hand or follow other traditions. The Irish Claudah ring is an example of a different engagement and wedding ring tradition. Recently, many people even get a third ring on the first anniversary of their marriage.

Can engagement rings and wedding rings fulfill the same role?

Like your relationship, your choices regarding your rings can be whatever you want. If you want a more traditional set-up, you will wear both an engagement ring and a wedding ring.

However, you can also choose one over the other, a combination of both, or something completely different. For example, finger tattoos are becoming popular replacements for wedding or engagement rings. 

There are a few reasons you may want to stick to one ring over two separate rings.

  • One ring can be easier to keep track of than two.
  • You can use the money you would spend on both to get one big ring.
  • Many people find one ring more comfortable than two.

If you want some of the convenience of one ring but want to enjoy the tradition of the two or more ring look, you can get multiple rings soldered together. As a result, you functionally only have one ring.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, you can wear whatever you want with jewelry to anticipate or affirm your marriage. It can be easy to feel like you should choose rings based on modern trends or family traditions. However, you are the one who is wearing the jewelry on your hand, so ensuring your ring choice fits you and your relationship is essential.

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