As you kick back on your gaming chair and try to stay indoors, you’re going to need games. However, should you pick physical or digital? That is the question. Many people are choosing digital nowadays, but there’s still a physical demand. Here are the pros of both.


  • Physical media is the choice for collectors. Showing off a shelf filled with games is much more impressive than having a digital library.
  • Many people like physical media because it is truly theirs when they purchase it. With digital, there’s always a chance the game could get pulled or no longer be available to download. Some digital only games, such as the Scott Pilgrim game, are no longer available, and it makes people wish there was a physical copy.
  • Physical copies, for the most part, can be sold or given to as a gift. You can lend a game to your friend or make some extra money should you want to. With digital, that’s much more difficult.
  • Physical media may be beneficial for those who have slow Internet speeds. Some games can be hundreds of GB in size, which could take a long time if your Internet connection is poor.


  • The obvious benefit of digital games is convenience. You don’t have to go to the store or wait for the game to be delivered to you. Just connect to the online store and have it downloaded whenever it’s available.
  • During the COVID-19 outbreak, digital is the safest way to go. While stores are sanitized and packages are usually low risk, there still is a risk. You can’t catch it while at home, downloading the game.
  • You don’t have to worry about the game breaking. With physical media, all it takes is a curious child, a reckless pet, or human error for your copy to break.
  • It takes up less space. For travelers or people who live in small houses, this is a benefit that you can’t miss out on.

Benefits That Can Vary

With prices, both physical and digital can fluctuate. For example, Steam sales can give you digital games for cheap. However, used games can reduce the cost of the games as well. Of course, some codes may not work for used games. Amazon Prime can have good deals on new, physical games too.

When you get the game. For a hot new game, you may find that some stores will sell a game early, especially as a reward for people who have preordered it. Other times, digital is a faster way to get the game. So really it depends on what’s going on, and whether you can preorder it early or not.


It all depends on what you’re looking for. For collectors, physical is the way for go. For convenience, digital can be better.

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