Purchasing your first musical instrument can indeed be a daunting task. And if you think that you’ll get into a music store, and pick up the instrument of your choice and be done with it, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

There’s so much you need to know and take care of while shopping for a musical instrument. From pricing to material, everything can confuse you.

So, what are the factors you should consider before selecting the instrument?

First of all, look for your music preferences. What interests you matter the most. And don’t even think of purchasing an instrument to make you look cool. You could end up getting stuck with the wrong one.

For example, if you want to learn how to play the guitar, look into the rhythm section. This will help you narrow down your choices and make the process easier.

Secondly, you need to determine your budget and better stick to it. This will help you keep in check your finances while shopping.

And now, let’s move on to the part where you’ll get some insights about how to choose your first instrument for your music lessons. All these instruments are categorized individually.

Let’s get started!

Woodwind Instruments: Best for classical/jazz/folk/pop musicians

Traditionally, (as the name suggests), the woodwind family’s instruments are made up of wood. But today, they are made up of all sorts of materials such as plastic, metal, and obviously, wood.

Basically, they are shaped in the form of cylinders or pipes. They contain holes, a mouthpiece at the top, and an opening at the bottom. You can play the instrument by blowing the air through the voice and control the pitch with the help of the holes.

The instruments in this family are:

  1. Flute
  2. Clarinet
  3. Basson
  4. Oboe

So, while purchasing, make sure that you are comfortable with the material, weight, and woodwind instrument length.

String Instruments: Suitable for independent and introverted musicians

Did you know that the family of stringed instruments is considered the largest in the music industry? There is a variety of instruments you can choose from. Some of them are:

  1. Violin
  2. Cello
  3. Guitar
  4. Viola
  5. Ukulele
  6. Harp

The structure of the string instruments is hollow. It allows the sound to vibrate within them. Also, they are made up of particular kinds of wood. Obviously, the strings are the most important of the instrument. That’s what delivers the music. The strings are either made up of nylon or steel.

A piece of advice

If you want to learn to play stringed instruments, make sure you receive proper guidance and lessons for mastering the art. For example, if you decide to learn a guitar, make sure that you give adequate time, dedication, and attention to the lessons for better output and skills.

Keyboard instruments: Best choice for budding musicians

Keyboard musical instruments are very much popular in the world of music. It is the best choice for people who have just entered the industry. Plus, also beneficial for the musicians who want to compose their unique tunes.

Suppose you went shopping for a keyboard musical instrument but got confused as soon as you saw the options.

First, let’s get one thing clear; a keyboard for beginner adults is different from beginner children (aged ten or less). The best keyboard for the former is bigger than the keyboards for the latter (obviously).

Percussion instruments: Suitable for fun and loud musicians

Percussion instruments are often bulky and are the largest musical instruments. These types of instruments deliver music when it is shaken, scraped, or hit. However, it is not that easy to become a percussionist because it takes many practice sessions, energy, and strength to play the instrument perfectly.

Amongst all the percussion instruments, drums hold a very significant place. Playing drums is a super energetic workout for people who want to channel their energy with music.

Fact: Percussion instruments, especially drums, are proved to be best friends of autistic children. A survey confirms that they feel safe while playing drums. That was a mind-blowing piece of information. Right?

Wrapping Up!

Purchasing your first musical instrument will determine your passion for music. You could get detached and lose interest in the field if you choose the wrong one.

With this guide, you might have an idea about different types of instruments and what to look for before buying them. Explore your musical interest, combine it with the perfect instrument, and drive your musical interest.

So, choose the right musical instrument for yourself and boost your talent with multiple folds!

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