When you work for a company that has a lot of physical assets it can be hard to keep track of all of them. Maybe you work in a field which involves a lot of equipment that gets taken around to different places on jobs and you work with new people all the time. Perhaps you just work in a large office and you give all of your staff their own laptops. The importance of being able to locate all of your equipment at any time is pretty obvious, but how to track them down can be complicated. This article aims to furnish you with a few techniques and methods to track down your physical assets.

GPS Tracking Services

One of the most efficient ways of being able to track down your physical assets is to have them fitted with GPS trackers. Most phones and laptops have features that allow you to track your devices, but they normally only work through the internet and rely on the devices being switched on. If they get stolen, the thieves will know to wipe them so that they canโ€™t be traced. GPS trackers work through a global positioning satellite and will transmit their location with great accuracy even while the device is off. As mentioned at SATXTechnologies.com, these trackers can be almost unnoticeable when attached to a device. This has the dual benefit of them being hard to remove as they arenโ€™t visibly there, as well as not hindering the use of the device. If you have an expensive piece of camera equipment, you wouldnโ€™t want a huge extra block sticking off the side of it. By fitting your physical assets with GPS trackers you can be sure that youโ€™ll know exactly where everything is, at all times.

Create Unique ID Numbers

In addition to GPS tracking, labeling all of your assets with unique barcodes can be a great way to help track items. Specifically, if you happen to have many of the same items, like, many of the same laptops, it can be really helpful for them to have a unique identifier. These labels or codes can then be linked to the person in possession of that item, meaning that if it goes missing you can know whoโ€™s responsible. You could also set up a library-type system for taking out the equipment which would allow you to know who currently had borrowed which bit of kit. This can also act as an internal inventory of all of your physical assets which will make everything more organized. Unique ID numbers will help you out enormously when it comes to tracking your physical assets.

Add Branding To Your Assets

If you work for a big company, you should see your physical assets as an opportunity for some free marketing. By adding branding to your equipment you are clearly signifying that it belongs to you but also advertising yourself at the same time. Thieves are generally opportunistic and even having a well-stuck-on branded label on a laptop or other piece of equipment will instantly make it less appealing to steal. As much as unique ID numbers make each device recognizable, at a glance, having branded items will make it easy to know what is yours. This can be a really fun opportunity to express your company in a small logo, maybe one that has been specially designed to stand out and sell your company in a small space. Also, rather than calling someone up and saying, โ€˜Do you have a laptop with ID number 39850994XRV?โ€™, you can just call them up and ask if they have one with a little sticker with your companies name on it. Branding your physical assets is a great way to be able to easily keep track and track down your equipment.

Donโ€™t Lose Anything Ever Again

If you are the one who is in charge of your companies physical inventory, it can be very stressful. The pressure of being responsible for every single piece of equipment or valuable item is pretty daunting. Especially as often your colleagues may not care as much as you about keeping everything in one place. To make your life easier there are several techniques you can employ. These are; getting GPS trackers for your equipment, creating unique ID numbers for everything of value, and adding branded labels to your companyโ€™s items. If you manage to employ all three of these things you might just never lose anything ever again. There are so many solutions to keeping track of your physical assets that you should be able to prevent items from going missing.

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