The world is becoming more and more unpredictable, and it is important to be able to cope with stress. Self-care is not just about breaking bad habits. Taking care of yourself is much more than that. For everyone, this is something different. Someone wakes up early in the morning and brews their favorite coffee in their favorite mug. For some, self-care will be a morning run. Everyone sets for himself a convenient, and most importantly comfortable, daily routine.

You can also please yourself with flowers. It can be both flowers in pots and bouquets of flowers. You can find a flower shop near me and walk to the nearest flower shop, and if you really want to treat yourself to a rose flower bouquet on a rainy day and you donโ€™t feel like going outside at all, you can always use online flower delivery. And no, this is not a manifestation of the highest degree of selfishness or spitting on others. Just the opposite. This is our biggest gift both to ourselves and to our family and friends!

Taking care of yourself is important and necessary. This is proof of accepting ourselves as we are, this is respect for ourselves as a person, this is the foundation and content of our further growth and development. It is the basis of our relationships with other people and the expression of our essence. This is a great opportunity to reveal all the inner potential and talents. And life is filled with meaning, because this very meaning has long been within us and is waiting in the wings.

So what is self-care?

This is putting things in order not for those around us or guests who have suddenly rushed to us, but first of all for themselves, for comfort and coziness, for the opportunity to relax and unwind, plunge into the homely atmosphere of happiness, get aesthetic and emotional pleasure, looking at your favorite things around.

It is cooking your favorite dishes or learning new ones with the joy that comes from simple everyday things or actions, and not with a sense of duty and dissatisfaction from immersing yourself in everyday life.

Taking care of yourself includes eating, not as something routine, but as a ritual. When food is beautifully arranged in beautiful dishes. And each piece is filled with energy that fills your entire body.

It is the realization of one’s own beauty, which begins from within. Not self-care actions, brought to automatism, but soft and smooth, thoughtful movements that bring pleasure not to the result, but to the process.

It is about caring for our clothes as objects that reveal our personality and mood.

This is getting rid of the superfluous and unnecessary in exchange for the storage of the beloved and pleasing.

This is an opportunity to allow yourself to sleep or just do nothing all day. This is the creation of a cozy corner for yourself, where you can soak up a mug of your favorite tea and an interesting book, despite what is happening around.

If we summarize everything written above, then self-care can be described as: self-care means listening to inner desires.

The practice of self-care looks different for everyone, depending on what life situation a person is in, how much time he can devote to it, and how much self-care gives him pleasure. However, anyone can do this.

How to develop a healthy self-care habit

Step one: get rid of old and bad habits

Determine which aspects of self-care are not available to you, which are not enjoyable, or which simply do not suit you.

Step two: focus on three different types of self-care

Physical, emotional and spiritual self-care.

Step three: teach others to take care of themselves

The most important thing you can do for another person is to teach them how to take care of themselves. It doesn’t have to be difficult, because people like to take an example, especially from close people.

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