In our society, there are different types of female roles as a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. Yet, every female does not undergo each and every role except by being a daughter. Being a mother is the dream of majority of married women in the world. Even the society gets inquisitive about the child issue and tends to inquire directly or indirectly especially when your wedding anniversary is around the corner each year.

Even not every married woman gets an opportunity to become a mother. There are biological hurdles that she needs to face with respective to the health conditions of her spouse or herself. Thanks to new conceiving methods in the medical world, there are possible solutions (like IUI, IVF) to such worried childless couples.

According to my knowledge, I have noticed there are four types of mothers in our current society.

Real caring moms are the ones who dedicate their entire life forgetting about her education, career, figure etc. for the welfare of her children.

In contrary, posh moms are the ones who deliver the baby and go straight to the gym to maintain or regain the pre-pregnant body. Some posh moms try to do unsuitable fashions without bearing in mind that she should be more responsible and behave in a sensible manner as a mother in her respective society. Most of the time, such mothers try to get the attention from the society by highlighting their child as a showpiece attached to her. Some tend to have one baby as a result.

Career concerned moms go straight to their working habitat on or before the particular maternity leave period. They tend to pass the responsibility of the child to a close family member or to a nanny or to a day care person.

Supermoms are a rare species in our society. They are the people who try to maintain both career and family life by being a multi-tasking and parallel working individual.

According to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, an Indian actress, model and the winner of the Miss World 1994 pageant,

โ€œI don’t know about changing my perspective because motherhood is such a glorious blessing and I am very thankful for that. It’s such a beautiful experience. I so strongly recommend it. It is bliss, love, and fulfillment of another level.โ€

If you are a mom, touch your heart and ask to which category that you truly belong in this society. It is better if every mother can evolve or transform herself into a super mom. Yet, it is a personal choice that you need to take depending on the prevailing conditions of your present living environment. As a person who attained motherhood few weeks ago, I feel that you cannot be a super mom alone. It is a real challenge where you need to win your life with the support of your loved ones as this particular motherhood life is full of daunting and tedious tasks. You have to be a warrior, not a survivor in maintaining the equilibrium of the life of a super-mom. That is how I see it folks!

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