Fashion comes in all sizes, shapes, colours and drapes. Taking an occasion for an instance, we would go shopping store after store to pick that right dress that we prefer so we’d look pretty and presentable at the event. However in some cases, it’s not the same, what we prefer would not be the ‘One’ that looks gorgeous on us. 

Talking about the perfect Drape, the Saree or Sari is a long female clothing made out of cotton or silk and worn traditionally by draping around the body. Although this cascaded garment originated from India, in the present world it’s worn by many other Asian countries who have combined the fashion with their own cultures. 

To wear a Saree, you don’t need to maintain a perfect model body. In fact, anyone can wear a Saree! But picking the correct saree could be tricky. So we have a little guide for you to know what you should keep in mind when choosing the ideal drape for the ideal scenario. 

Relate the Occasion 

It’s always important to dress according to the occasion to avoid looking like an outcast. If you are buying a saree for a wedding it can be heavily illustrated and rich because weddings are all about exhibiting your possessions. But when it comes to an evening party, a get-together or a birthday celebration, it’s better to avoid highly worked drapes. A subtle design with minimal illustrations would perfectly set you in place for the event. If you know your fashion sense enough to do the correct makeup and jewellery, you’re safe! 

Know your Body Type 

Knowing your body type is key to picking the perfect Saree. Although this would not directly help you pick the perfect drape, when you know your correct body shape it’s easier to imagine yourself wearing the garment, which in return helps you to know whether it’s the correct Saree. There are different body shapes for women, and on the Saree runaway, these are taken seriously. Listed few are different body types and what rocks them. 

  • Pear-shaped body – Chiffon & Georgette fabrics (Avoid Mermaid cuts)  
  • Apple-shaped body – Silk fabrics with beautiful embroidery (Avoid low cut blouses)
  • Curvaceous body – Chiffon & Net fabrics draped firmly, Sting-back blouses are pretty (Avoid stiff draping)
  • Tall and Slim figure – Big Bold prints & Heavy Borders with various colours 
  • Short and Slim figure – Thin borders & small to medium size prints (Avoid bold patterns)

If you figured out which category you fall in to, picking the correct fabric wouldn’t be a hassle at all. 

Choose your Colours Wisely 

This is one of the most crucial elements to keep an eye on when shopping for a Saree. Colours define one’s looks, choices and personality as well. It’s true that different colours suit different occasions such as weddings, parties and outings, but picking the correct colour that goes with your skin colour is necessary. Of course, if you have light shade or white skin, any colour would make an impression. However, for those with darker skin tones should avoid pastel plain colours and go with darker palettes like Indigo or navy blue which would make their complexion pop out.

Design mix-matching technique

Design patterns on a Saree also play a big role in highlighting your looks. Heavier eventful designs look exquisite but they limit you in many ways. Hard embroideries and sequin-studded drapes are perfect for weddings but before purchasing you should think twice whether you’re going to wear it again. Once you ace wearing a rich Saree, people would never forget it. So wearing it again could cause a bit of an embarrassment. But if you get a unique looking medium worked Saree and wear it perfectly, people would remember your style but not the drape itself, which gives you the opportunity to wear it again mix-matched. 

The mix-matching technique is pretty simple. Sarees are quite expensive, so to save you the unnecessary expenditure, you can buy a few drapes which would accompany 2-3 different colours with a blouse. For a very basic instance, a simple black drape can be worn with any coloured blouse. A Maroon shaded drape could be worn with Red, black and crimson palette blouses. 

Draping, Accessories & Blouse 

When it comes to dressing up a Saree, Accessories play a major role as well. Accompanying your drape, the accessories would highlight your look even more prominently. 

Firstly you should perfectly drape the pleats of your Saree without making it looking shabby and loose. Especially if you are going for a firm drape, make sure the pleating is completed properly. 

The same applies when you wear your accessories. It’s always best to seek opinions from your friends and loved ones but in general, if you are wearing a highly worked Saree, it’s better to stick to simple jewelleries, unless you’re wearing a simple Saree it’s alright to embrace the riches.

However, the trickiest part is the Blouse. You’d be tempted to wear colourful and rich blouses all the time, but keep in mind that if you are going for a rich Drape, the blouse needs to be minimal and simple. And vice versa. 

Ready to Purchase? 

Sarees are quite expensive and sometimes your favorite designs might be hard to find. And if you are new to the Saree fashion, the fabrics, materials and styles would leave you confused. And if you are residing out of Asia, finding a good Saree store would be hectic.


To rock yourself in a great Saree, it takes all the little parts you’d usually miss out. From the shape of your body to the clutch you hold in your hands, the perfect look is yours if you picked the correct drape for the correct Occasion. So go ahead and rock the show in your pretty Saree!