Don’t you ever feel lazy or bored to read a blog post that is you really curious to read? Sometimes it is not your fault to feel that way because the article might be too long to keep your eyes focused on the screen or you are a multitasker who is a career-oriented person with a busy schedule or a modern mom who has limited me-time to read an article. But what if you let these blogs to read itself for you with a lovely human voice? Sounds great? This article we gonna explore Frequency, an automated text-to-speech technology that any blog publisher can use to turn their blog into audio frequencies faster than it was ever before.

Reading vs Listening blogs

If someone asks why do you like listening than reading blogs? The answer of many people can be because it is more convenient. Are both of these information-gathering methods the same? That is actually a dilemma. The major differences between reading and listening can be stated as below.

Reading Listening
Can skim the blogs and get a good understanding of the content quickly.Can not be skimmed.
Can be easily repeated.The listener should request for repetition.
Accurate understanding can be achieved.Sometimes, false understandings can happen because of mishearing and the different words that are pronounced the same.However, by listening, information can be understood quicker. 
Can improve the vocabulary.Can improve vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency of the listener’s language skills.
Need to dedicate time for reading Can do activities like exercising, driving, eating while listening to blog as a multitasker.
Can be a boring activity for the most of Millenials. Listening is a lively and enjoyable experience for everyone.

As the students who are forced to read textbooks and learn since grade 1, most of us might have the guilt of listing blogs or reading audio books as cheating the traditions of learning. However, a research publication of the University of Michigan explores the myths of “Listening and Reading Similarities” in an academical manner.

An overview of Text-to-Speech

Text-to-speech (TTS) is the automated conversion of textual passages into audio outputs based on a computer algorithm as explained in a research paper by Covenant University. Today these TTS programs are available from simple executable software, built-in TTS apps to cloud-based TTS as a service powered by machine learning. The following can be identified as the benefits of using text-to-speech in day-to-day blog reading to the readers as well as the publishers. 

  • Improved reader experience by minimizing their workload to gather the information presented in the blogs.
  • Ability to target the audience who are having reading disabilities. Especially blind and elderly people.
  • Let the readers be multitaskers.
  • Helps readers to overcome their reader’s block.
  • Allow the reader to read the blogs while listening, as a better technique to improve their comprehension and retention skills.
  • Publishers can grow their web presence by adopting TTS technology.

The things to know about Frequency

Frequency is a machine learning-based online TTS service that is catered to automating the process of blog-to-speech conversion for the blog publishers in the world wide web. It is a privately held venture located in Los Angeles which is founded by Nolan Tait and Alina Butina in 2019. Frequency helps publishers to grow their audiences while enhancing the reader experience through its life-like TTS technology in an efficient text-to-speech conversion with very authentic voices.

The feature of Frequency TTS app can be listed as below.

1. Easy Integration

Frequency does not expect you to be a technically savvy do-it-yourself guy to integrate their service to your blog. They provide first-class support for all of their users to integrate Frequency service with popular Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Webflow and Squarespace in a few clicks.

2. Detailed Usage Statistics

Frequency provides a detailed analytical report for publishers with the listening statistics of the readers in total and geographical view. 

Frequency usage analytics

3. Very authentic and clear speech output

At the moment Frequency provides two English voice output options which are very understandable for even beginner level non-native English listeners as below.


4. Affordable Pricing

There are 4 pricing plans available on Frequency, including the most awesome ‘Free’ Plan. If you are a leisure time blogger who wants to raise the voice of your blogs, the free plan which cost you nothing is enough. However commercial bloggers can use the premium tier plans and grow their audience with the Frequency’s transparent pricing scheme.

Affordable Frequency Pricing

Other than above-mentioned features, Frequency provides team access and audio monetization features as well.

How to integrate Frequency to your WordPress blog

WordPress is the most popular CMS, which has around 60% market share of website CMS competition. As mentioned above, integrating Frequency is very Simple. The following steps guide you to integrate Frequency to your WordPress blogs without any hassle.

Step 1: Go to the Frequency Website and Sign Up.

Step 2: Sign In to Frequency account and go to Publications > Add New Publication.

Frequency Publications Dashboard

Step 3: Fill the Publication Form with your site name and URL. Then click on the Create Publication button.

Frequency Add Publication Form

Step 4: Go to Publications and click on the block with your site name.

Step 5: Then click on “Integration” block.

Frequency Publisher Integration

Step 6: Choose “WordPress”.

Frequency Integration Types

Step 7: Click Next to proceed with the integration process.

WordPress Integration Instructions

Step 8: Now Login into your WordPress backend and go to Plugins > Add New. Then Search for “Frequency” Plugin.

Adding Frequency Plugin to WordPress

Step 9: Install the plugin and activate it. Then go to Settings > Frequency Settings.

Wordpress Frequency Plugin Setting

Step 10: Go to Frequency dashboard again and copy the publication’s Public API Key. After that click Finish

Frequency WordPress Public API Key

Step 11: Paste the Public API Key on WordPress Frequency Setting and Click “Save Changes” button.

Frequency Settings

Step 12: Finally visit your blog and refresh the blog post again. If you don’t see the Frequency player as below or, getting a notification message. Don’t worry. Let Frequency to convert your blogs into frequencies for a couple of munites and refresh the blog post again.

Frequency Text-to-Speech Player on a blog

Wrapping Up

Text-to-speech is a great solution to save your time of reading blogs as a person who has to play the role of a multitasker under a busy schedule. Frequency is an automated online tool to convert blogs into natural voice podcast with any annoyance. Integrating Frequency on WordPress very easy and it can be also integrated with top CMS like Squarespace and Webflow. Frequency the Digital Town Crier will visit more digital streets and definitely will make sure that your blogs have spread across more audience than it was before.

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