There is a wide range of problems you may face when running a restaurant, and while you may not want to talk about it, bugs and rodents like mice and rats may be one of those problems. Rodents can present a big problem and require professional technicians from a commercial services company. Unfortunately, pests are attracted to places with food to scavenge. Restaurants are filled with delicious food smells, and they have a lot of food waste, which ends up outside in dumpsters or trash cans and attracts critters looking for food. If your restaurant is in an area with rats like more prominent cities, you are likely to see them from time to time around your restaurant. The goal is to keep them outside your restaurant, but that isn’t always possible.

Here is what to do if you discover rats in your restaurant.

Get rid of the rats

As soon as you suspect there are rats in your restaurant, callย pest control services. Getting rid of the rats has to happen first because they can build nests and have babies in your restaurant, and then you’re going to have a significant rat problem that could ruin your restaurant. Addressing the rats as quickly as possible is critical, as customers may never return if they discover you have a rat problem. Commercial services are accustomed to working with restaurants, and professional technicians will know where to look for rodents and other common pests. They will get rid of unwanted pests and provide the peace of mind that your restaurant is safe and clean.

Replace anything that needs to be replaced.

Rats can cause a lot of damage by chewing on cords and wires. They can cause damage to equipment while building nests or looking for food. Once the rats are gone from your restaurant, have everything inspected for safety and replace damaged restaurant equipment. You can get a new freezer, stovetop, refrigerator, and other quality equipment to replace damaged ones. If you are having trouble finding what you need, do a local online search like “Eugene restaurant equipment” to find a restaurant equipment supply store in your area that offers financing like The Restaurant Warehouse.

Conduct a deep cleaning

Once the new kitchen equipment is in and you have peace of mind that the rats are gone, you need to do a deep cleaning. Rat feces can be hidden under shelves, in cabinets, and in other dark areas of your restaurant.ย Rat feces can cause health problemsย and can shut down your restaurant if found during a health inspection. You may want to close your restaurant for a couple of days and bring in a professional cleaning company to deep clean every inch of the restaurant. This may include moving furniture and equipment to get areas that are not touched during nightly shut-down cleaning. Paying someone to come in and do a deep cleaning will give you a fresh slate moving forward, so if you see signs of rodents, you’ll know you have a new problem that is not left over from the last problem.

Dealing with rats in your restaurant can be exhausting and disheartening. It can leave you feeling unsettled knowing they may be getting into your food and could destroyย your restaurant’s reputation. However, it is essential to remember that warding off pests and dealing with them when they get in is part of owning a restaurant. The busier the area is where your restaurant is located, the more likely you are to have pests. The goal is to deal with them as quickly as possible and be vigilant in not letting them get in.

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