Aren’t you already familiar with Beanie Barbie of the 90s? The cozy plush pillow or you can say squishmallow from Telly koy Company are all the rage. Lauched back in 2017, squishmallows have become a viral sensation and capturured hearts of millions and these huggable squishmallow are gaining popularity with a mjor rise in 2021.

This can give the finishing touch to your childern’s bedroom. The collectors either young or old are attracted to these marshmallow like adorable plush squishmallows. They are available in various sizes from 2 to 24 inches and various price ranges which means they are available for everybody. Price of some rarest halloween squishmallows ranges from 500$ to 2000$ depending upon the needs of the customers. Children love them as they are soft and adorable and adults love them because squishmallows bring them back the memories of Beanie babies.

Although there are so many squishmallows some of them are not being produced frequently and collectors find it difficult to get a hand on these rare squishmallows . However, some of the rarest squishmallows can be found at some retailers like five below, walgreen, target, CVS. The rare squaishmallows like the Disney characters, holiday seasons, and the earliest editions are not easy to find and get out of stock very easily, so, you need to check more often if your dream squishmallow is back in stock or you can also get them from resellers at ebay, amazon, and mersari.

1000s of squaishmallow are available in different sizes, and reflect various shapes, animals, characters. Each character with its own story and history. One can also get squishmallows of different occassions like Christmas, Halloween, and valentine’s day.

In 2022, squishmallows have become an adorable gift to give someone because they are super cute and cost effective.

Among all the squishmallows, halloween squishmallows are the latest addition in the squishmallows collection, and are gaining popularity among children very rapidly as they are super soft, comfy, cute, and a little creepy. Kids love to play and cuddle with their new squishmallows specially oogie boogie squishmallow and detra octopus squishmallow. The materials used for making halloween squishmallows are super soft, durable and huggable, so they are super fluffy and do not get dirt easily.

During the halloween parents love to decorate their kids rooms. Halloween is the perfect time for parents to spend some extra bucks on halloween squishmallows which can make a perfect addition to their room.

Why do you need for a event like halloween to get a squishmallow, if you want to get it in summer, go ahead and get a squishmallow and surprise your kid with a new and rare sally squishmallow. You can also get more intimidating squishmallows like jack the black cat squishmallow and jack sellington squishmallow.

It would be unfair not to discuss the power of squishmallows. People growing in a hostile environment develop emotional attachment with their plushies  as they find it difficult to develop long lasting, stable and reliable attachment with other people due to the kind of the nature they brought up as a child. An object specially a squishmallow is the best object to develop attachment as they do not judge them based on their opinions. So, it is the best non-judgemental companion. In this way, they are also helpful in improving the mental state of the collector. The collectors connect their personality with the biography of these squishmallows on the basis of the pixar movie “Toy Story” in which each toy has been shown having their own lives, emotions, personality, and interests.

However, below are some of the rarest squishmallows until now

1. Jack the Black cat Squishmallow

Jack the black cat is one of the rarest squishmallows till date. This is a special edition suqishmallow and a collector knows that a special edition squishmallow comes with a skyrocket value. Moreover, this jack the black cat squishmallow is the 500th design released wich is showed even on his left ear, a golden heart shaped 500 sewed in his ear. Another exclusive feature of jack the black cat squishmallow is the one that it sold from the squishmallow website. The number of the jack the black cat squishmallow manufactured is also 500. It has white eyes which are closed and his whiskers are also white. This squishmallow loves to cuddle and always offer a helping hand.

2. Sally Squishmallow

After their launch, squishmallows have rapidly become favorite to the kids and adults but it is even difficult to get hands on the huge sized huggable versions. They are popular but limited so, it is difficult to hunt the most popular ones. A fan of the classic film “Tim Buuton” is probably familiar with and have all the characters like jack the black cat, sally, oogie boogie for halloween or christmas. Sally is a red haired doll with patchwork dress which shows its complete perfection.

3. Jack Skellington Squishmallow

Only the lucky ones get their hand on the big, popular, and rare  squishmallows, specially during holidays or any occasion. Halloween squishmallows are super cute and super comfy. Jack skellington squishmallow with a bat shaped bowtie are a sheer perfection to his character. 

4. Oogie Boogie Squishmallow

This squishmallow is available in two colors, green and beige, both are not easily available. It was previously available on walmart for 75$, it is still available on ebay and mercari in green color, different sellers selling at different prices. You can say this is a huggable villain. Oogie boogie squihsmallow is worthy enough to go and check local stores.

5. Detra Octopus Squishmallow

These extremely adorable softer, plushies are so cute to cuddle specially when they are ready for halloween. They are an amazing and adorable plush to buy for yourself and to gift your loved ones. They are used not only for halloween but are used at different occasions such as bed time, for travelling, and they are a perfect pillow. Their size is perfect for cuddles and hugs. 

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