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Skills over Qualifications

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What does really matter, the skills or the qualifications?

The perception among job applicants is that they need at least one good academic qualification as well as a professional qualification to be eligible for a well-recognized job. Yes, this can be true. A qualification is truly a qualifier for a particular position and it can be an essential requirement to get into a position. But, is that all that you need to achieve career progression and success? NO, it is not. Soft skills, in simple SKILLS, matter a lot.

Qualifications will get you to the position but, it may not make you stand out in the organization. Most of the well-established organizations look into both qualifications and skills where an employee is made permanent in the organization based on the performance of the probationary or training period. So, is it the qualification that matters a lot of the SKILL? It is essentially the SKILLS.

How to do you develop your SKILLS?

Identification of the skills you should possess to perform the job position will vary accordingly and therefore it is important to identify your dream position in the first place. Take a piece of paper and list down the duties and responsibilities entitled to the position you want to be and then list down the skills you need to possess. You can do a self-evaluation to determine your own strengths and weaknesses and to take corrective actions for the betterment of the future.

SKILL development

Academic and professional qualifications can play a major role in skill development process and thus we can also conclude that qualifications are a part of the SKILL set. Training, self-learning, critical evaluation, reading, listening and much more can enhance your skills. In the lights of the developments of Information’s and Communications Technology, developing skills is a simple process if you have that can do attitude and will.

It’s your time to develop your skills with technology. Here is a page with many Udemy course discounts.

In conclusion, it is clear that QUALIFICATIONS ALONE will not add anything to your career and life. SKILLS plays a major role in your SUCCESS. SKILL wins over QUALIFICATIONS.

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Skills over Qualifications
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