Especially in today’s business climate, remote value is exceptionally important. From a technical advertising perspective, this means that your brand’s website is more essential than ever. You have to prioritize your website as the first impression that people are going to have of your product or service, and the more attention to detail you pay, the better your conversion rate will be when it comes to new customers and clients.

Take three parts of this prioritization to heart. First, you need efficient website hosting. If people can’t access your website because of inefficient structure, that can immediately lose your customers. Second, if you need to think about design, there are plenty of ways that you can look at websites that have won awards and pull inspiration from them. Last, as part of your digital sales funnel, your website should be a practical anchor point.

Efficient Website Hosting

Before you get too far into your website’s design and appearance aspects, make sure that you have an efficient website hosting service. There are thousands of options of companies that will host the structure and database functions of your website. There is a big difference in how fast they move and how responsive they are to external access. Make sure you understand Internet speeds and bandwidth so that you don’t end up with a website that doesn’t load as fast as it should. Different web hosting services have different amounts of computing power, so make sure that is part of your decision to hire.

Website Design Award Winners

When looking for inspiration, check out websites that have won awards in the past years. The more recent of an honor it is, the more likely it will match with customer expectations. You may not have the money to go entirely down this path as part of your digital promotion and advertising plan, but at the very least, you can see what sort of website concepts are attracting the most traffic and the most attention.

Digital First Impressions and the Sales Funnel

When you look at your sales funnel, especially the digital version, you’ll notice that everything has to flow naturally from an initial connection point. This is where your website comes into play. If people are searching for your product or service, they will naturally find your presentation of self online. Ensure they have an outstanding experience the first time they go to your website, and they will enter your sales funnel that much more easily. You can start communicating with them specifics at that point, but until you have an official connection with them, your website acts as a first impression. Make sure it counts!

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