Launched in 2011, Delhivery gained great popularity in India for a pretty short period. Nowadays, the enterprise is the largest logistics provider in the country. The postal operator has performed more than 1.7 bln orders from the moment of its foundation. The company operates 24/7. Over 56,000 employees work in the company today.

Delhivery stands out for its comprehensive list of various services. Among the most popular offerings, customers highlight the parcel tracking option. For example, by applying the link, clients may track their mailpieces at each shipment stage. Experts don’t recommend using unchecked platforms for tracking packages. That’s because such sites frequently offer incorrect data.

How to Track Delhivery Mailpieces

Initially, it’s worth noting the possibility of tracking packages by applying mobile numbers. This method is considered the safest. Here, clients should enter phone numbers specified when ordering shipping in the search line. Then, customers will receive unique OTP codes together with detailed data about their parcels. The OTP code may be employed solely once. Now, let’s see the other tracking methods.

How to Track Parcels Using Ref/ID Numbers

This method suits e-commerce holders and clients. Here, Delhivery provides e-store owners with reliable shipping services. So, entrepreneurs become more authoritative among online consumers. And customers may rest assured that their items will be necessarily delivered on time.

Here, reference numbers are sent to clients as confirmation emails. To track their packages, customers should perform the following things:

  • enter the IDs they obtained into the search line;
  • launch scanning by pushing the appropriate button;
  • wait till the server shows them information about their parcels.

In the same way, e-commerce holders can check if orders were mailed to clients and when these mailpieces were delivered.

How to Track Delhivery Mailpieces Using Tracking IDs

Such numbers are assigned after a package is accepted for shipping. To track their parcels, customers should type IDs into a search line and click a corresponding button to launch scanning. Then the server will show customers all details about their mailpieces (where packages are currently, how much time is left for the parcels to reach their destinations, etc.).

Tracking Delhivery Parcels Using LNR

The specified method fits those sending plenty of parcels by applying the LTL shipment service. In this way, it’s more convenient for recipients and senders to track each mailpiece. Moreover, Delhivery submits notifications to its clients if packages are delayed because of unforeseen circumstances. Here, consumers should enter a local reference number (or LNR) into a search bar to track their packages.

What to Do if Any Issues With Tracking Delhivery Parcels Appear

The postal operator offers its clients strong support. Managers of the Delhivery help desk stand out for their highly professional attitude and politeness. So, they usually assist in solving any difficulties shortly.

Furthermore, Delhivery proposes international support to its customers. Here, managers speak numerous languages. Therefore, there won’t be any problems with understanding the recommendations they give.

Also, Delhivery advises using its comprehensive FAQ section. There, customers may find answers to the most frequent questions. More information about the Delhivery packages tracking and support services can be found on PKGE.NET.

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