We all want to live a healthier and happier life, but knowing how to go about this can be tough. That is why today NERDYNAUT are teaming up with the people at  WhatShed to show you just how much of a positive impact gardening can have on your life. Gardening may not sound like the most obvious hobby in the world to help keep you fit, make sure you eat your fruit and vegetables as well as taking care of your mental health. But check out this fantastic infographic and you will see why it is so good for you.

Staying in shape is something that we all want to do, but going running hurts our knees and going to the gym can be boring, not to mention expensive. Well, gardening is here to the rescue as spending a few hours gardening can burn off the same amount of calories as if you were in the gym. Except gardening will put a smile on your face and result in you have some beautiful flowers to care for or some tasty food to have fun with.

It is not just your physical well being that gardening can have a positive effect on. If you look at the infographic you will see the stats, but the bottom line is that gardening has proven to lower a personโ€™s stress levels. People who garden test much lower for stress than those who do not. As we all know, getting rid of stress is one of the first steps to living a more happy and productive life.

Gardening is also a lot of fun. You will always be smiling when you are out there watering your latest exotic plant or when you are checking your tomatoes to see if they are just right for picking. Speaking of tomatoes, gardening is a very good way to make sure that you are eating more natural fruit and vegetables. Food always tastes better when you have grown it yourself!

Why gardening is good for health

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