Though nowadays Plastic Surgery is considered regular in many western countries. We on the other side of the world see it more of a taboo. We shy away, and it’s not just the older generation and the judgy aunties. Even we look down upon it. Since childhood, we’ve been taught to love our bodies no matter what, and that’s good, but it’s alright to think beyond what you’ve been taught too. It’s high time that – as Sri Lankans – we come out of the judgmental shell.

Plastic surgery is pretty similar to a regular surgery. Both will have some sort of after effects – there’s no denying in that. But is it worth it? Yeah. If you can afford a quality service and you’re typically a glass-half-full kind of person, you’d have no reason to fear Plastic Surgery and it’ll be totally worth every single rupee.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Before jumping into things you should be aware of, you must first know what Plastic Surgery means. Putting it in simple terms – altering the body. There are two types of Plastic Surgery. One – reconstructive surgery, where deformed parts are altered. Two – cosmetic surgery, which is done for beauty enhancements and appearance alteration.

Plastic Surgery doesn’t always mean real plastic, moreover it derives from the Greek word ‘to Mold’, and some cosmetic element is involved during the procedure.

Is it only for Beauty Enhancement?

Again, No. At many instances, Asians use Plastic Surgery as more of a reconstruction method and not to actually bloat up butts like the Kardashians. You’d generally find those who’ve done Plastic Surgery did it to cover burnt skin & bodily deforms caused by accidents.

Actually, you’d rarely find Sri Lankans going through Beauty Enhancement Surgical Procedures (apart from celebrities of course). So if you have a plan, might as well just go for it. Better to be ahead of the race, right?!

Now let’s look at few things to be aware of and not feared of, before getting a Plastic Surgery done in Sri Lanka.

First Things First: Cost

You should know that many Health Insurances don’t cover Plastic Surgery. So if you’re trying to use your company’s annual insurance cover for the procedure, re-check if it covers same otherwise you’ll find yourself in a seriously Plastic situation. Some plastic surgeries might cost you an arm and a leg. Well – after all it’s a surgery, so you’d typically expect it.

Your Health

As we’ve said earlier, Plastic Surgery is very much like a regular surgery. You’ll need recovery time and your health should be stable. This doesn’t mean that unhealthy people can’t undergo cosmetic enhancements, but recovery time is less if your health is stable.

Questions to Ask your Consultant

It’s true. You wouldn’t know what to expect, and no one around you would either (if none of your friends or family have gotten plastic surgery done). Here are few things to know and ask your surgeon during consultations.

  • Is it possible to show me similar procedures you’ve done to other clients?
  • Do you have any suggestions, is there any way to do it without a Surgery but through treatment?
  • Can you show me the diagrams and how the final result will look like?
  • Is it a one-off procedure or will I need to undergo more surgeries to complete the look?
  • What are the possible complications and after effects?
  • What is the recovery-period

And most importantly, let your surgeon know of your allergies. If you do have reactions to certain antibiotics or anesthetics, it’s crucial your consultant should know about it, to avoid complications.

These are just few, but don’t hesitate to ask more questions. This might be a once-in-a-lifetime-thing, so don’t let ignorance ruin it for you.

It Takes Time

Like many good things in Life, this too might take time. Some procedures don’t happen over just a Botox dose. Especially lip injections take at least 1 week to settle in to your system and begin to show permanent results. Sometimes you might have to get multiple injections depending on the treatment. So don’t be too hasty in judging your Surgeon over YouTube videos.

Go for the Best

Even if the price is high in comparison, go for the best Plastic Surgeon you can find. Picking the right one can be a difficult task. The choices are very limited here and you wouldn’t have much recommendations to review. At such instance, look for the experience and do some research on your own. The good ones might be slightly higher on the price range. But few thousands is better than a lousy nose job, so be wise with your selection.

This been said, there’s something else too. As Sri Lankans, we still prefer speaking out our insecurities with women over men. Hence if you’re looking to do a procedure, go for a female Plastic Surgeon as you’ll be more comfortable around them. They’d understand your situation and will certainly give attention to every single detail during the process.

Where to Begin? – Aesthetic Medication with Dr. Sarah Fazy

If you’re considering Cosmetic Enhancement, Dr. Sarah Fazy can guide you through the process. Being a certified Medical Esthetician, she also has experience in transplant surgery, pediatrics and Dermatology.


So there you go! The Giants in the room were finally addressed. Than the surgery itself, it’s the social stigma that worried you. However you must know that Plastic Surgery is pretty much mainstream now, so you don’t have to think too much about what other people would say. Sooner or later, almost everyone will get their appearance altered, so just keep aside your social concerns and go for it!

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