The way we trade goods and services has changed many times through history and is maybe changing even now. It used to be very simple back in the old days when you could just trade goods for other goods. Even though that is a very simple system and quite intuitive, it is far from being the best. If we reverted back to that kind of trading, you would notice the downsides pretty quickly.

That is why money was introduced and why this system is still developing in todayโ€™s world of capitalism. With the new digital technology era, there are many new aspects to how money can be changed. The rise of cryptocurrency is a good indication of where handling money is going. Another interesting new way of trading is also on the rise, and that is with non-fungible tokens, or NFT for short.

Using comparison websites

It is impossible to follow all of the prices and how they change on your own, it is a really hard thing to do. That is why using a website to compare NFT marketplaces is a really good option when you are just starting up. The websites offer detailed or shorter reviews of the marketplaces, so you can see if that marketplace suits you and what the prices are. It saves you a lot of time from researching and gives you more time to actually trade.

There are many marketplaces out there and new ones just keep on coming. It is usually the best to trade on the well-established ones, but you never know if something is going to skyrocket overnight. That is why using comparison websites you can see the current situation and see an opportunity of investing low now and going to the moon with this in a few days. Doing this on your own is a hard task, but doing so by comparing many other marketplaces with a website will make it a lot easier.

Knowing what you want to trade

NFTs are popular due to the art trading you can do with them. They have become a very lucrative deal for artists to actually make some money these days. That is why there are so many NFTs based on selling art but do not fall into thinking that is the only NFT you can trade. There are many options like video game assets, music, cards, virtual fashion, etc.

You may already be familiar with some of these assets, the most popular being skins in video games. People are ready to go bonkers for that type of trading ever since you were able to customize your character in an online game. The difference now is that the item can be a part of the blockchain, and you can trade it using cryptocurrency, which makes it much more stable. So if you are more of an expert in those assets than art, you can make a switch and start trading that.

Becoming a connoisseur

To trade NFT is not only about looking for prices and selling yourself based on those prices. To trade NFT is to become a person of taste, to know where your niche is. When art collectors and dealers started collecting art, they were not doing it for the money. They were doing it to develop their own taste and make their own unique collection. It is very important to have your own unique image of what kind of NFT you want that is not dictated by their price.

For example, Ambroise Vollard and his apprentice Erih ล lomoviฤ‡ traded art based on their own unique taste. Back then, no one knew about Renoir, Matisse, Degas, and many other artists that are world-renowned today. They were able to see that there is more to that art and traded that specific art because they liked it. The fame and money came later to Ambroise Vollard, but his apprentice was not as fortunate. The legacy they made with trading art from those artists, will be known for centuries to come.

Buying early

This was mentioned earlier and should definitely be mentioned again because many people do not understand it. The reason why some people can become rich overnight from this type of selling is mostly luck. The people saw the opportunity and potential of NFTs when you could buy them for a low price. Afterward, when the trend exploded, they were able to become rich because they were the early birds.

Many people will try to get into this kind of trading now and buy NFTs for a large sum of money. Buying them for so much money now can be a big problem, because where will you sell them next? You need a specific strategy of knowing if something has the potential or not. Do not fall for scams that make you buy something high and expect even higher returns the next day.


No matter what kind of NFTs you will trade, you will need the ability to be patient. In order to trade with the buy low and sell high tactic, you will need to resist the urge of selling too hastily. Not only sell hastily but also buy when it is too late, and you end up losing more. You can have all the tips of this world, but if you can not utilize them through patience, you will end up losing money.

The fact that you can get so rich from doing this kind of work is what has attracted many people to start trading. Many people do not understand that this is not as simple a thing to do as it looks like. If it were this simple, then everyone would be millionaires, not just a few people that managed to actually do it. It is a job like any other, but with just less physical skill needed.

Going along this path, you will still need to work and think about that work until you actually make it. It will be stressful sometimes, and you need to be aware of the fact that it will not always go smoothly. By keeping in mind that there is some serious money to be made here, you can try to calm yourself in that kind of situation.

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