​Projecting a positive professional image as a representative of your company is vital to your company and your personal success. Before selling a product or your company you have to present yourself first and be accepted. It is the first impression you give.

Your image is more than your appearance. So much of what you do and say contributes to the impression you make.Every corporation, institution or business is spending millions to re-brand their company. Why? Branding is not a new word, but it has recently been in most companies’ plan, to give their company a new look, a new feel to keep with the current trend.

So, ask yourself this question: IS YOUR PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL IMAGE SUPPORTING YOUR COMPANY’S BRANDING? If your company has just undergone a face-lift, you too have to go for an overhaul on your own image – in terms of your self-presentation and that includes your grooming, poise, etiquette & communication skills. Your personal image must be impactful to support your company’s branding.

Personal Grooming achieves self-empowerment and addresses the inner and outer grooming aspects, with a view to enhancing self-confidence, communication skills, personal and corporate image as well as professional presence.

Whether you are an individual or a business, whether you work outside the home or not, we teach you how to polish your image in three areas:

  • Your physical appearance Grooming, hair, makeup, color, wardrobe, and personal  shopping.
  • Your behavior  – Social skills, stress management, etiquette, civility and protocol.
  •  Your communication skills Diction, body language, relationship-building and conflict resolution.

We aim to help you become more poised and polished, guiding you to your own authentic style, and instilling the sense of success and confidence that comes with knowing that your own Appearance, Behavior and Communication are beyond reproach.

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