How to get a job in Oman?

Finding an employer in Oman is easiest with the support of a reliable intermediary.

To get a job, you need to follow a few steps:

  • Fill out the form on our website, not forgetting to attach your photo to the resume.
  • Choose a vacancy that matches your qualifications.
  • Interview your employer online. Be sure to read our tips to get the best impression of yourself.
  • Sign an employment contract.
  • Wait for a work visa and a ticket to fly to Oman.

Importantly! All costs related to obtaining a work permit and other nuances of employment are borne by the employer. You do not need to pay numerous commissions or fees, worry about hidden fees and unforeseen expenses.

Oman jobs for foreigners are those that offer you nice work place, accommodation, transportation and high salary. The most common vacancies are waitresses, managers, fitness trainers, cosmetologists, masters of beauty routine, etc. For men there are such jobs as mechanics, drivers, builders, security guardians and IT specialists (in other fields too).

To get a work in Oman you need to:

  1. Fill in the resume on our website or do it by yourself;
  2. Choose a vacancy which corresponds to your professionalism;
  3. Make an interview online with your employee (or do it in Oman in the office);
  4. To sign the employment contract;
  5. Wait for a work visa and a ticket to fly to Oman.

What are the features of living in Oman?

The official religion of Oman is Islam. There are two Muslim religions here: the Kharijites and the Sunnis.

The culture here is very diverse and interesting. One of the main features of this culture is its relative isolation.

The family in this country is considered one of the main values. Family ties are highly valued by the locals. We can say that family ties unite entire communities of people.

This state is considered patriarchal. This means that the husband or father is the owner of the house. According to Islamic traditions, after a woman is married, she leaves her father’s house for her husband’s house.

A man is allowed polygamy here. It is allowed to have no more than four wives, each of whom should be treated equally. In Oman, it is not customary for the head of the family to allocate any kind of wife. However, most of the men here prefer to have one spouse, as they prefer monogamy.

As you can see, for the men there are more possibilities than for women, so women should think twice before searching for a work in Oman, otherwise, they can arrive here with husband. A woman, of course, can work, but only in places specially designated for women and not in all spheres of activity. You can work as a doctor, nurse, teacher. But this is only if it was possible to get a suitable education first, which is also extremely difficult to do. In addition, a woman in Oman as well as in Saudi Arabia can take any job only with the permission of a male guardian. This is the main disadvantage of auch country, through which we can see that there are big possibilities for men, but for women it is a big problem with employment.