Yusra Aziz Eliyas is the founder and owner of PODI JOBS, the first freelance platform in Sri Lanka which bridges the gap between PODI JOB Employers & Seekers. Proceeds raised by PODI JOBS are used to Empower Single Income Families and Deserving Stay at Home Mums (SAHM), Women and Girls. PODI JOBS works primarily with Work at Hom Mums (WAHM)and their main aim is to Empower Women in Sri Lanka by creating an Independent Workforce. PODI JOBS supports equal opportunity employment.

Who really Yusra is? 

I am the PODI Founder and Owner of PODI JOBS. I am a determined and motivated individual who wants to see people succeed in whatever they do and also someone who loves to challenge a given set of boundaries.

How did you start your career before marriage?

I started out my career in IT even before I finished my degree. As an intern and then as  a Business Consultant, I had really great training and work experience at one of the top IT firms in Sri Lanka.

How did you accept the life change of being a mother of two kids?

Giving up work was difficult, but I do not regret it. Becoming a mother and being around my two kids is a rewarding experience. Being a work-from-home mum and balancing work, freelancing and the ability to be with my kids has been the best balance in life.

We would like to know about your family background in brief. How are they influencing you?

​My family has played quite a supportive role.

How Podi Jobs was born in 2015?

PODI JOBS was put together after I realized the need for a platform which not only found freelancers for employers but also provide freelancers work. The safety net is required in dealing with work being delivered and freelancers getting paid on time. On the other hand, our social good idea came about from wanting to help women and girls who were struggling with everyday life. Thus our motto is ‘Empower Sri Lankans & Empower Sri Lankan Women’.

How far Podi Jobs has come as the first freelance employment platform in Sri Lanka?

PODI JOBS has over 600 freelancers, 59 completed jobs and has helped to empower over 30 deserving Women or Girls. So yes it has come a long way considering the fact that we started to market it public in 2016.

Did you achieve your success without any barrier? Or were there any barriers?

Success wasn’t easy. There were barriers when it came to reception of the idea, freelancing itself or even hiring as well as choosing the right technology that Sri Lankans used.

How do you manage your time with career and personal life?

Keeping to a set routine always helps. Sometimes it does overlap, but you have to separate it and make sure you set boundaries and follow it.

What are the common problems that stay at home mums face in the world? 

Stay- At-Home or Work-At-Home Mums do the biggest, non paying job in the world and are faced with the issue of time poverty, a situation where they lack time. For those who freelance at times it’s finding a steady job.

Why do you love travelling a lot?

Travelling is the epitome of discovering. I love visiting a new place and being able to see how people live life in a different country or region.

We recognized you as a person with a kind heart in empowering women. What is the next milestone of you?

My next milestone would be to get whole Sri Lanka, including ladies and girls being connected, empowered and get them started on a PODI JOB from where ever they are.

What is the message that you can give to younger generation as a modern stay at home mum?

​No matter what point in life you might be, think out of the box and take risks. Always remember to get anywhere you have to work hard! It won’t be easy but don’t give up!

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