Due to security reasons, time to time, the country I am living in has temporary banned social media usage for the citizens. Well, for most of Millenials this was a stressful time period because most of them had to pay for a VPN service to use social media or they were accepting to the risk of using free VPN services. The point is, even the government could not restrict the usage of social media because it is a part of our lifestyle now. As nerds, we are in social media merely following others without making a fuss about ourselves. This is true for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte etc. But lucky for us,  there is a place that nerds can rock their profiles. That is Linkedin.

LinkedIn is simply a social network for professionals to seek new career opportunities, career development and career-oriented communication. The company is now owned by Microsoft Corporation. According to statistics published in June 2019,  LinkedIn is used by 630 million users worldwide. As you may have heard, many western social media services are prohibited from using in China, but the Chinese government has allowed LinkedIn to operate in the Chinese market.

This social media may be your magic card to find a Job, career guidance and get new updates about your field. Maybe you are already using Linkedin or not, let’s dive into our guide for using LinkedIn. Check out these tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile is kind of a substitute for CV (Curriculum Vitae) or Resume. It contains almost every details that should be included in CV or resume. This is not just a big time saving for employers, it’s huuuge. Another advantage is since this is a public profile, there is less room to lie. You know, people can lie in CV with forged certification and letters. But in Linkedin, it is not possible for an extent.

Since you are a nerd who born with technological wisdom, I won’t explain the step by step guide to creating a LinkedIn account. Instead of that, the following figure demonstrates the account creation process.

Creating a Linkedin Account
Creating a Linkedin Account

How to Optimize a LinkedIn Profile

In order to make your profile visible to the LinkedIn community, you can follow the tasks mentioned below. These are not mandatory, but it really optimizes your profile by making it more discoverable to new Linkedin connections (In LinkedIn, we call Friends as Connections).

  1. Add a stunning profile picture.
  2. Write a compelling LinkedIn summary about your expertise and experiences.
  3. Customize your public profile URL.
  4. Attach your CV as PDF to LinkedIn featured content.
  5. Add licences and certifications that you have.
  6. Other than your job experiences, add volunteer experiences to your LinkedIn.
  7. Fill up the ‘Skills & Endorsements’ section wit your technical and soft skills. Ask your close friends, colleagues and family to endorse you.
  8. Ask for a recommendation from your mentor or boss.
  9. Add your accomplishments like projects have taken part, languages you are comfortable with, honours and awards you have and publications.
  10. Follow your favourite company pages and influencers.

LinkedIn Free vs Premium

Free service of LinkedIn is more than enough for a professional who is looking forward to connecting with other professional and organizations. But when it comes to the HR professionals, they need more powerful features to find the most suitable candidates for their job spots. Also, the career premium plan of LinkedIn allows professional to reach hiring parties in a VIP lane and the access to LinkedIn Learning (formerly known as Lynda.com) always comes in handy for individuals who wanna learn new career-oriented skills.

LinkedIn Premium has 4 plans as below and each of these plans is catered to different professional needs.

Free PlanCareer PlanBusiness PlanSales PlanHiring Plan
For everyoneFor individuals looking for a new career or career changeFor business users who are looking for more insightsFor business users looking for more leads and salesFor HR professionals looking for better talent
No InMail MessagingInMail MessagingInMail MessagingInMail MessagingInMail Messaging
LinkedIn PulseLinkedIn PulseLinkedIn PulseLinkedIn PulseLinkedIn Pulse
Who’s viewed your profile (Limited)Who’s viewed your profileWho’s viewed your profileWho’s viewed your profileWho’s viewed your profile
No Job InsightsJob InsightsJob InsightsJob InsightsJob Insights
No Salary InsightsSalary InsightsSalary InsightsSalary InsightsSalary Insights
No LinkedIn LearningLinkedIn LearningLinkedIn LearningLinkedIn LearningLinkedIn Learning
No Business InsightsNo Business InsightsBusiness InsightsBusiness InsightsBusiness Insights

LinkedIn Job Search is a great tool to find job opportunities based on your career interest by filtering the job base based on your desired career designation and location of the workplace. The ‘Easy Apply’ feature of Linkedin allows applying to a job so fastly using your Linkedin Profile.

LinkedIn Job Search
LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn Learning

After acquiring a leading online learning platform, Lynda.com, LinkedIn Corporation transformed it into a bigger and better service named LinkedIn Learning. This service is fully accessible to all LinkedIn Premium accounts and students of selected universities and colleges. The e-learning platform has a lot of online courses for professionals in a wide range of subject areas. After successful completion of a course, the user receives a digital certificate.

LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning
A LinkedIn Learning Certificate
A LinkedIn Learning Certificate

Wrapping Up

Today, LinkedIn has become a must-use tool for any professional regardless of their sectors. LinkedIn makes the life of HR professionals much more comfortable in an innovative approach.

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