Who really Miuru is?

I am a mother of 2 sons aged 8 and 10. A PhD candidate. An Entrepreneur. A lifetime student of all things. A Yogi, a Yoga teacher and Media Personnel.

Miuru with a client (Mozzigear Sri Lanka)

With a client

How did you start your career?

I started as a Television Presenter/ Production Assistant at Young Asia Television in the year 2000. As a fresh-faced 20-year-old straight off a Diploma in Media Communication from the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute. This is the tail end of my 2nd decade in being a media woman.

Tell us more about your working place, Colombo Creative

Colombo Creative is an integrated communications and activations agency and we specialize in Social Media Content Management and Event Management. We bring in over 50 years of collective experience from among our creative associates. More information can be found on www.colombocreative.com

Miuru at work (IIHE Campus Sri Lanka)

At work

What sort of leadership style you prefer currently as an executive director?

I believe I am a Contributor cum Facilitator. I contribute my skills while facilitating my subordinates towards one unified goal to deliver the best for our clients as well as the end consumer.

How do you balance yourself as a person with different roles in life?

I adhere to the priority matrix. The important/not important/urgent/not urgent grid. There is no real multi-tasking involved. I like working to meet deadlines hence I prioritize and I work well under pressure.

Tell us more about your contribution as a public relations and social media consultant

I believe Iโ€™m foremost a public relations person because I live by Dhamma. I am able to get into someoneโ€™sโ€™ shoes swiftly and analyze situations from another personโ€™s perspective based on Metta (at least I try to). as the Manager Public Relations at Lanka Hospitals PLC, I was able to help a lot of people going beyond my job role because of this very mindset. As a Social Media Consultant, I bring out brands in a totally new perspective with fresh Video and Image content using the traditional and digital media skills I have acquired throughout my career. And I weave stories about these brands. Stories that are truthful, meaningful and tangible to the relevant target audiences.

Miuru at Social media event

At a Social media Event

What are the factors contributing to be a successful individual in the world according to your point of view?

  1. Having short term and long term goals and working tirelessly towards achieving them one by one mapping a practical timeline.
  2. By giving your time to your family and learning from your affinity groups.
  3. Acquiring new knowledge and learning from your mistakes. No one is ever too old or too experienced to learn something new.
  4. By being humble and by upholding the principles and values that make up the person you are.
  5. By giving. Alms. Donating. Giving without expecting anything in return.
  6. By discipline. Mind, Body, Word.

Tell us more about your ongoing PhD research topic

My research is on the Social Media Usage by Sri Lanka Healthcare seekers. The research is completed and the outcome will be published soon. I have tested the UTAUT (Unified Theory of Acceptance and Usage of Technology) model by Venkatesh 2003 in determining the factors influencing the social media usage by Sri Lankan patients in using social media tools in deciding on health care entities.

We would like to know about your family background in brief. How are they influencing you?

My father is a Sri Lankan inventor and one of my greatest inspirations. His invention won a Presidential Award and remains a case study and a huge success in his industry. My mother is my silent strength and has supported me in all my milestones. My husband is my best friend, confidante and now my business partner. We have known each other almost all our lives. My children are my greatest wealth and the reason who I have molded out to be today.

We recognized you as a person with a good knowledge in traditional and social media marketing, communications and promotions. What is the next milestone of you?

To be a fully knowledgeable and experienced yogi. I am a certified yoga instructor and I teach yoga in my local gym and I would want to expand my knowledge in this area to help others who could benefit out of this ancient healing method.

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