The national trial lawyers is an organization in the US for lawyers, including criminal defense lawyers and civil trial lawyers. Their objective is to educate and create awareness among the public regarding the hard work the lawyers put in to help protect the rights of individuals. Members of this organization get a platform to network with other lawyers and receive opportunities such as legal strategies training for effective and efficient advocacy and legal education. This allows them to learn skills and use them to protect their rights.


Previously known as the American Trial Lawyers Association, this organization came into existence as a requirement for making a settlement agreement in two federal lawsuits. Later on, the name was changed to The National Trial Lawyers or The Trial Lawyers.

Selection for membership

Every year, the organization evaluates the top trial lawyers with exemplary qualifications across the country to invite them into the top 40 under 40 or top 100.  Top 40 under 40 constitutes of young trial lawyers, 40 from every state, who are qualified and experienced in criminal defense or civil law.

Having membership in this professional organization means high-quality educational courses, training, and opportunities for networking among the top tier. The lawyers who are selected for the membership must show high qualifications, leadership skills, and trial records and results. In order to select the members, there is an extensive process consisting of multiple steps. The criteria used in this process include the following:

  • Rankings and ratings of the lawyer
  • Reputation of lawyer
  • Membership of the lawyer in different states and legal organizations
  • Whether the lawyer is board certified or not
  • Referrals from other members
  • The lawyerโ€™s legal achievements and success in the previous years

What are the benefits of being a member?

There are many benefits of having a membership in The National Trial Lawyers, including the following:

  • Networking opportunities with the top attorneys of the country
  • Access to the legal press
  • Opportunities to attend important seminars
  • A chance to attend the NTL summit, which is a CLE conference
  • A chance to be on the list of the NTL membership directory
  • Subscription to the Trial Lawyer Magazine which further provides an opportunity to publish your article in the magazine
  • A chance to attend events hosted by the NTL, including important conferences, summit, and seminars
  • Membership in multiple specialty associations

A chance to be recognized as the stateโ€™s top lawyer; for instance, National Trial Lawyers Announces the Re-Selection of Robert Tsigler is the top news due to Robert Tsiglerโ€™s amazing performance and achievements.

Specialty association membership

As mentioned above, the NTL offers members an opportunity to seek membership in 19 different specialty associations in order to help their members become more capable litigators in many areas. Being a member of the specialty association provides lawyers a chance to attain knowledge, recognition, and experience in their areas. The NTL specialty associations include the following:

  • Insurance
  • Aviation
  • Railroad accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Environment
  • Criminal
  • Workers compensation
  • Medical malpractice

In a nutshell

The National Trial Lawyer is an amazing platform for attorneys to gain recognition, experience, and knowledge. Becoming a member of NTL is highly recommended as it offers many benefits to lawyers as well as individuals who are seeking to hire experienced and qualified lawyers. If you are a lawyer who wants to build your name and become successful, membership in NTL is a great stepping stone for you.

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