Are you stressed all the time because of traffic? Do you feel that you’re spending too much time getting to and from work? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to find ways to de-stress yourself while making your commute. Driving every day can cause anxiety and stress for many people, decreasing their productivity at work and affecting their quality of life. Fortunately, some ways can help reduce your stress and make your commute less frustrating. Here are the tips for a stress-free ride.

Create a Playlist

Studies have shown that music can affect your emotional and physical health. Fast beat music can help make you feel more alert and concentrated, while music with a slow tempo can relieve stress and relaxes your muscles. The best way to reduce stress during your commute is to create several playlists to keep you entertained in traffic. On your way to work, you can play your favorite upbeat music to feel more motivated throughout the day, and on the way home, create a soothing playlist with slow-tempo music to relax.

Use Other Means of Transportation

Thousands of people have reported that it’s not the commute that’s stressful; it’s the endless time spent sitting in the car. If you feel that being in your car for too long stresses you out, try different means of transportation, such as a bicycle, motorbike, or an e-scooter. Professional Scooters at say that riding e-scooters to their work have saved them a lot of time and eliminated the stress as they don’t get stuck in traffic anymore. It’s portable and requires less effort than a bicycle as you don’t have to pedal your way to work, and it’s safer than motorbikes. If your work is far from home, you can take your e-scooter to the nearest bus or train station, fold it, and take it with you.

Don’t Be Judgmental

One of the common reasons why people get frustrated during traffic is judging others’ driving skills. Many of us get angry at others driving too slow, passing too fast, or forget to turn on the signals. We all encounter these drivers, and although it can be frustrating, it’s no use in overreacting. Constantly judging how others are driving, only makes you angry, stressed, and demotivated.

Don’t Compare

While you’re stuck in traffic, you automatically keep thinking of all the things you could’ve done during this time. However, this only stresses you more as you keep feeling that you’re wasting your time. Comparing the time spent going from and to your work with what you could’ve achieved only keeps you demotivated and reduces your productivity.

Avoid Rush Hour

There’s no doubt that the time spent from and to work can be reduced if it wasn’t for the traffic. That’s why it’s preferable to avoid these times as much as possible. Get up and move an hour earlier to avoid getting stuck in traffic, and you can use that extra time to get more of your work done, or you can just stay in your office and drink coffee. The same applies when getting off work. Leave a bit later, and you will probably get home at the same time you usually do, but without the traffic and stress.

Learn Something New

If avoiding traffic isn’t an option, then you should make the most out of it. Reduce stress by listening to an educational podcast, learn a new language, or listen to an audiobook. Not only will you not feel stressed on the way, but you will also be learning a new thing every day. You will no longer feel like you’re wasting your time in traffic.

Plan Your Commute

If you take the time to plan your commute every morning, you can end up saving a lot of time. Wake up earlier than usual, check different routes, and choose the most convenient one. Longer routes with fewer stops and traffic can be less stressful than shorter ones. Crowded streets are what get us angry and frustrated while driving. If you can avoid that, you’ll have a stress-free commute.

There’s no doubt that driving in busy streets can be annoying, but sometimes it’s inevitable. That’s why we have to look for all the ways to reduce the stress during our commute. The most effective way is to make use of that time. Learn a language, listen to audiobooks, or make and return work calls that you were going to do at home. You can even schedule your day or week during your time in the car.

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