The last couple of years have been a dream come true for many pets as many pet owners started spending more hours at home, working remotely, and doing more things indoors. For reasons unknown to them, pets got to see a lot more of their humans, they got to spend more time outside their crates or cages, and they got to live in a much more active environment compared to what they had learned before 2019. The problem is that the “honeymoon” period is over for many pets and pet owners, as more and more people are gradually going back to their workplace. This has a negative effect on every pet, regardless of whether it is a dog or a cat or a parrot.

If you think it is hard for you to put on your clothes and to go back to the office every morning, then think about how this feels for your pet. Your four-legged friend, your reptile, or your bird has gotten used to seeing you having work meetings through Zoom, satisfying your entertainment needs by playing online Blackjack on your sofa and cheering for your winnings or leaving home just to restock the fridge. Out of nowhere, it will see you rushing to get dressed and to eat breakfast before you storm off to work in order to be at the office on time. Even if your pet was used to this process two years ago, it would take a lot of time for it to get back to feeling comfortable with you not being there all the time. Things would be even harder if you got your pet after you started working from home. At the end of the day, insecurity affects every living creature, no matter if it is a human, a dog or a guinea pig.

During this transitional period, you will need to make sure that you invest enough time in helping your pet if you see that it is feeling anxious. For some people, the option of having a pet daycare nearby can solve a lot of problems, but not everyone has that luxury. Many pet owners will have to leave their pets alone at home and this may come with behavioural swings. A well potty-trained dog may start “doing its business” on the carpet, a cat may start scratching off parts of your sofa and a bird may stop eating for no apparent reason. All of these behaviours are to be expected and your job is to try and comfort your animal as best as possible, just as if you were trying to comfort a three-year-old child.

Halloween and Bonfire Night of 2021 Have Been Extremely Stressful for Pets

In addition to the behaviours mentioned above, many pets will have a harder time with things that they are already afraid of. This year’s Halloween and Bonfire Night period has been a very big challenge for pet owners, as many pets have reacted a lot more negatively to the extra noise and the fireworks. The anxiety of being left alone increases the phobia levels triggered by events such as Bonfire Night, and the pets become even more insecure. Luckily these festivities last for a limited period of time, but with the New Year’s celebrations being just around the corner, it would be best to consider your alternatives and to prepare on time so that your pet can be as calm as possible when things get noisy.

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