What is a Fraud Litigation Attorney?

A fraud litigation attorney is someone who represents a person that is suing another individual for fraudulent conduct. If someone is being accused of intentionally misrepresenting the truth to gain an unfair advantage or monetary value, that person should be represented by a fraud litigation attorney.

Reputation is Wealth

Laws surrounding criminal fraud, such as in the case of White-collar crimes, are often extremely complex. Government attorneys and investigators can use every word you say and every action you take against you. Therefore, if you find yourself falsely accused of fraud, you should contact a lawyer immediately because a fraud conviction can seriously damage your reputation. If you find yourself duped, like many investors, by fraudsters you would be well advised to hire an experienced attorney that will be able to explain to you exactly how to proceed while protecting your consumer rights. A seasoned fraud attorney will know the law and tell you what your rights are while crafting an expert defense or building a case on your behalf that will likely increase the chances of a ruling in your favor. Furthermore, a good lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected while skillfully guiding you throughout the entire court process which would otherwise seem overwhelming to most people.

The burden of Proof Needed to File a Lawsuit

First, you must be able to demonstrate, with evidence, that the other party lied or made a material misstatement of facts and figures. You must also be able to prove that the defendant knew that their statements were false. The plaintiff must also be able to prove to the court that the defendant knew they planned to rely on the false information and believed that information to be true.

What is Welfare Fraud?

Welfare fraud is a criminal act that happens when people illegally take advantage of the government assistance program by receiving benefits to which they are not entitled. An individual commits the crime of welfare fraud by submitting false information or withholding information in order to obtain more money than the person is entitled to receive. Welfare fraud is a federal criminal offense. It is important to note that some states also charge welfare fraud as a person who claims to make less income than they in fact make or a person who claims to have more dependents than they really have in the household when they apply for welfare benefits. A person can also be charged with welfare fraud and identity theft if they use the names of other people to receive multiple welfare payments. If a person claims to have a disability when in actuality the person does not have a disability that is also considered welfare fraud in some states, as is, if a person fails to report income received from other government programs or if a person fails to report a prior criminal record when asked whether they have a criminal record.

What is Auto Dealer Fraud?

Auto dealer fraud refers to the deceptive and unlawful practices used by an auto dealer at almost any stage of the vehicle purchasing process. Examples include deceptive inflation of vehicle prices, failure to disclose information about a vehicle, and the advertising practice known as the bait and switch. If you discover that your newly purchased vehicle is a faulty vehicle that has major defects and you strongly believe you are a victim of auto dealer fraud, you would be well-advised to hire a lawyer. Other reasons to consider hiring a seasoned professional attorney to represent you in an auto dealer fraud claim so as to protect your consumer rights include if you purchased a car and paid more than the advertised price or if the auto dealer increased the amount of the down payment from the amount agreed upon. Finally, if the dealer rolled back the odometer in order to display a number that is lower than the vehicleโ€™s actual mileage or if your car is a โ€œlemonโ€ and keeps breaking down, or if the auto dealer failed to disclose prior major repairs, prior accidents, prior engine defects, prior frame damage or prior use of the purchased vehicle as a rental car, you are going to want to save all documents related to the sale and repair of your vehicle including a legible copy of the original advertisement, any agreements or documents you signed with the auto dealer, mechanical reports and photographs or video of the fault being contested so that you can provide this evidence to the experienced lawyer you hire to protect your consumer rights.

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