Looking for a tropical destination for the holidays? Sri Lanka could be your next stop. The island is a versatile hotspot. It has beautiful beaches, misty hills, an exotic array of wildlife and a unique cuisine to die for! Travellers visit Sri Lanka for many reasons such as Surfing, trekking, partying, discovering, exploring and the ultimate – relaxing. Whatever the reason it is, every traveler needs to know the very basics of Sri Lankan lifestyle. Especially on one’s stay.

Resorts and Inns in Sri Lanka are very much similar to those you’d find all around the world. Most of them follow International Standards which preserves a homely atmosphere for tourists. Here are few things you should know about Sri Lankan Hotels, just to be aware.


One aspect to adore in Sri Lanka is their hospitality. No matter where you go, the warm welcoming feeling the locals give out, is exceptional. Almost all hotels and resorts strictly follow this hospitality rule, which makes the Sri Lankan Hospitality Industry one of the most compelling. So firstly, prepare for an amazing stay wherever you go!

The Food

High end hotels and boutique resorts would present exceptional continental menus, but the dishes might not be up to the flavour standards of your country unless it’s a 5 star hotel. Besides, why would you travel thousand miles to come to a tropical foreign land to eat pastas? So we suggest, go for the local menu, the food is exotic so savour it while you can.


Most hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka qualifies to maintain expected standards. The accommodation, the food and customer service is usually above average. So picking a stay of your choice is not a hassle at all. For the ideal hotel experience, 3 stars resorts and upwards are quite more than average.


Yes, the ones that we bring back home but never use. Basic toiletries are provided in all hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka and most of them has quite a comforting and similar-to-one-another fragrance that would leave you refreshed after a long day’s adventure. Especially those traditional Sri Lankan ayurvedic products you’d find in authentic resorts. However if you have a sensitive skin or prone to allergies, we suggest you bring your own pack of these essentials just to keep you safe.

Culture & Outerwear

Here comes the concerning part. Although Sri Lankan hotels and resorts pose as extremely tourist friendly and creates a homely atmosphere for foreigners, culture too plays a huge role. Especially in high end hotels, one should be mindful of what they wear when leaving their rooms. Especially revealing swimwear or topless sunbathing for women would be frowned upon by many locals. Most hotel staff would not pin point this, but it’s safer to be on the accepted side by respecting the local culture.

Urban Stay

Being practical, always choose the right stay for the right reason of your visit. Accommodation in Sri Lanka is affordable but not as cheap as other South Asian countries, but the service is extraordinary which makes the little extra bucks worth it after all. However, if you’re visiting for a quick stay or to visit someone, go for a hotel in the urban heart of the city. For an instance, Colombo has some really convenient and affordable city hotels located around modern hotspots.

For a Holiday to Relax

Some might visit to experience the adventures of Sri Lanka, such as mountain climbing and water sport, but if you’re travelling to get away from reality and just lay on a comfortable armchair on the balcony with a cup of tea and a good book overlooking the Indian Ocean, a high end boutique resort would give you the perfect experience. The stay could be comparatively costly, but if you find the right hotel to suit your expectations, you’ll have the best relaxation holiday.

Privacy and Safety

Many hotels in Sri Lanka strictly follow the Privacy rule, once again, creating a homely atmosphere. Especially reputed stays preserve this rule as a habit. However if you’re running on budget, and happen to pick a very cheap resort, we suggest you check around the room, the locks and the air vents before setting up, especially if you’re a girl.

Safety vaults are provided in all hotels in Sri Lanka, and it’s advised to keep all your valuables inside them when you’re heading out. However experiment a bit with the vault and see whether it operates fine, before you lock up your valuables.


Due to the popular demand and increase of tourism in Sri Lanka. Almost all hotels display instructions in few different foreign languages apart from English, (of course, based on their highest visitor origins). Still if some instructions wouldn’t make sense, don’t hesitate to ask from the staff, as mentioned previously, customer service comes first in Sri Lankan hospitality.


It’s always better to pre-book your stay before the visit, especially during peak season of travel, finding a good place could be quite a hassle. However if you’re planning to stay for a long time at a resort, we suggest you place a tentative booking without really paying if incase the place doesn’t turn out to be what you expected. There are lot of Resorts and even few high end hotels in Sri Lanka which really doesn’t give out the vibe it displays online. So be cautious and do your research before you pay and book your stay for a long holiday.


So there you go. The basics to know before you pick your stay in Sri Lanka. As it’s an extremely tourist-friendly nation, you could just be yourself wherever you go. But make sure you learn a bit about the country’s culture prior to visiting, just to give you a little knowledge on the locals and the traditions they follow so you could fit in well.

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