Love is something to be cherished rather than preserved. It’s easy to fall in Love, but remaining in Love is what many people fail to do. Especially failing to express love to your better half can be quite a task if you’re not really a romantic person. But don’t worry, it’s not the world’s end. Throughout the years men have faced many challenges trying to understand a woman’s mind (harder than understanding the whole universe). And thankfully, some have discovered the ultimate.

So if you have a girlfriend who you think is the real deal, and you think you need to keep her happy and wanting you for the rest of your life (or for the longest time) you could try these simple things for a difference. On the contrary, if you’ve been with a girl for a long time and you feel a distance spacing between the two of you, you could try out these creative and unique surprises.

Basket of Refreshing Bath items

Girls love perfumed lotions, bath oils, scented candles and bath bombs. Some may rarely use it, but this gift option never gets old. Especially if you’re in a relatively new relationship, understanding what scents she prefers, you could choose your basket of refreshing bath items. This is an updated version of flowers. If your girl loves breaking the tradition a bit, this would be perfect.

Post her a handwritten letter

One of the most common things we understand about girls is that, no matter how much they deny that they want guys to show them love, they really do love it. Not through a text message or a phone call, but the traditional way, a lovely handwritten letter. Like how our grandparents used to do. It’s definite she’d say this is too much, this is not you or simply laugh out, but remember, she’s never going to discard it unless you break her heart.

Get her favourite food delivered to her

Technology has developed not just to find new solar systems, but to elevate human lifestyles too. Getting favourite food from anywhere delivered to one’s desired destination is just simple. If you feel your girl is going through a mood swing, a craving or just hungry, you could use this as an opportunity to surprise her with her favourite food. They say the best way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, and it applies for women too.

Customized Necklace

Through all times, women have always treasured jewellery. It’s something they love no matter what. It’s a kind, elegant and a very gentleman gesture to present his girl with valuable jewellery. But if you want to break the traditions of giving contemporary jewellery, you can always get name necklace as a beautiful personalized gift for her. Believe us, girls love customized items, and that being jewellery is THE perfect gift for any occasion.

Pick her up from Work/Class

If she has no mode of transport other than travelling in public transport or going on her own, this is your window of opportunity to show her that you’re there for her. You don’t necessarily have to tell her that you’d be coming, just make sure she has no other plans and she’s not expecting you either. Don’t do it every day, she’ll be tired of seeing you often. It’s always best to take it slow before marriage, so the passion between both of you is ignited every time you meet, Make it special.

Make a travel bucket list

Every girl loves adventure, and what they love most is going on those adventures with their special one. It’s always good to be with your better half when you travel around the world. It’s alright if you aren’t financially capable yet to take her on holidays, but planning does no harm. Girls love planning, so let her dream a bit, while you work for her dream.

Take her fashion tip

You may know the latest trends for men in the fashion industry, but she knows which perfectly fits you. So when she gives fashion advise, take it. Apart from you looking good, she’d be happy that you actually listened to her (what more could make a girl happy right!?)

Fresh and Silver

Girls love silver jewellery, and it’s a loving gesture to present her with silver jewellery. It means that nothing is serious, but your love for her is very real. GetNameNecklace’s 804 ring which is a customized sterling silver ring makes the perfect gift for any type of relationship. It could be a ring, a necklace, or special custom-made jewellery, you’re guaranteed to make her happy.

Take the next step

Been in the relationship long enough, now you feel you need to take the next step? Yes, it’s scary. But it’s with the person you love. All these years you’ve been with her, and now it’s time to make it real to the world. If you’re so sure that she’s the woman you want to be with for the rest of your life, don’t think twice to put a ring on it (Beyonce style). Proposing to her with a traditional marriage ring could stress her out, instead buy her a ring from promise rings collection with a little personalized touch. Out of typical traditions, but she genuinely loves it.

There you go! Expressing love to your special one in the 21st century. Say goodbye to chocolates and flowers, try KFC instead. Break a few norms, she’ll love it. After all, you do really care about her, so making her happy wouldn’t be a task at all.

Well for those who are still in the lookout for their soul mate, don’t think twice, take a chance. Have hope! And when you do get her, promise to be the best man she would ever meet in her whole life.

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