Psychological disorders are a common issue in the present day. Many who deal with mental health issues would generally identify these issues as depression. Negative social phenomena has created a society of mentally scarred individuals. Although some are accurately in this category, most of them are quite confused. Counselors like those with BetterHelp can help you identify your social issues and help you overcome it.

Depression and anxiety are two different statuses of mind that many regards as one, however both are considered as common mental illnesses. How do you tell them apart? The list below can help you identify and differentiate these two common psychological illnesses.

What is Depression?

Depression is caused mostly by social trauma and excessive stress. In some cases, it’s caused by faulty mood regulations in the brain or genetic vulnerability. It’s a serious condition which affects a person’s emotional well-being by constantly feeding the mind with negative thoughts and feelings.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a status of mind which is caused by the social surrounding one grew up in, and genetics contribute as well. This illness becomes a part of you by intruding into your thoughts. Basic symptoms would be excessive worry over petty issues, irritability, muscle clench, and sleep disturbance. Generally, anxiety is very much common than depression.

Those who go through depression would spend often time contemplating how life would’ve been if a certain event happened differently. A person who suffers from depression may also experience a mood called ‘anxious distress’. This causes them to feel restless and tense at all times.

Listed are the major symptoms of Depression diagnosed by specialists.

  • Lack of interest in almost everything – This doesn’t apply if you aren’t interested in a few particular subjects/activities. But if you once enjoyed reading and now it has become an energy-consuming task. You might want to do a checkup.
  • Concentration issues – Some of us are not meant to sit in one place, or think straight and clear at crucial times. That’s just you being you. Those suffering from ADHD may also experience the same – but suddenly if your mind is obstructing you to perform daily tasks, you may want to seek help.  
  • The decrease in appetite – Food is life, and if suddenly you don’t enjoy any meals, or the thought of having your favorite dishes doesn’t excite you, depression might be the reason.
  • Guilt feelings or feeling worthless – Those suffering from depression always think that they are the reason for all issues surrounding them. They feel guilty and at times, and worthless. 

Anxiety is usually part of one’s personality, but excessive anxious behavior requires help. The moment it starts affecting your life goals and daily activities, consult an experienced counselor for the best advice.

Depression, on the other hand – with given time and proper help – heals, but some have trouble throughout their lives. Depression can even lead to suicidal thoughts and harmful behavior, so if you think its depression causing you trouble, seek an expert for help.

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